Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A doozy of a headache

I got a headache this morning.

A doozy of a headache that started off as a small pain above my left eye.

I ignored it as we were on a walk and continued on our walk amidst the sounds of friends talking and small children noises.

Towards the end of the walk the pain was slightly worse, more persistent but not unbearable.

I decided to get a $0.99 Coke from Sonic and head to Toys r Us with Abby to look at a little shopping cart for her.

{that statement needs it's own blogpost. Seriously.}

I reach the checkout lane with my purchase and a now crying Abby who desperately wanted the Minnie Mouse one because it's not in a box and is put together.

The crushing pain hits me out of the blue.
More pain

Holy smokes, how did it get bad so quick?

I drank my Coke as I drove and had the a/c on full blast on my face.

It minimized the pain greatly.

But then I had to get out of the car and carry a sleeping Abby in the house.

Head. About. To. Explode.

I called K on the phone to forewarn him of impending puking and to expect to come home.

Finally I was able to pop a few ibuprofen and lay down on the couch while I waited for Lee's bus to come home.

She was a doll and was totally okay with watching a movie with me while I waited and prayed for the meds to kick in and the pain to minimize.

I was even able to doze for a few minutes here and there.
Sleep for me is the key to getting headaches to go away.

Now about 90% of the pain is gone, now replaced by drowsiness and fogginess.

I hate migraines.

Strong words, I know.
But seriously, they are awful.

While pregnant with Adison I got them almost daily during my second trimester.

They subsided and now I only get them maybe a dozen times a year.

We have a family history of them, I am praying our girls escape them.


  1. I've only had a few in my life but that's a few too many! I can't imagine dealing with them on a regular basis!

  2. oh, man! that sounds horrible! I pray that the horrible migraine chain will be broken and your girls will all be migraine free!!

    I hope your feeling better now ;)

  3. Ok! so weird. I have a migraine right now..... :/

  4. Oh My aunt gets them, too. I can't imagine that pain. Glad you're feeling better.

  5. I'm so sorry! My mom and I get migraines too, and I, too, hope Gracie doesn't get them. I get the aura before it starts at least which helps me know it's coming and to get medicine into me fast!