Thursday, August 4, 2011


The week has flown by crazy quick.
We have also been super busy, from weekend get-a-ways to ear infections, wow, lots going on.
I tend to take lots of pictures with my phone using InstaGram and love sharing them on InstaFriday.
You don't have to use InstaGram, any and all cell phone pictures work.
life rearranged

 Ainsley was really into her made up game of hopping from book to book.
This is what childhood is about.
Imagination, activity and fun.
Mission accomplished Ainsley.

 What was originally believed to be teething turned into much more.
I ended up taking Abby to the after hours clinic last evening, turns out she has a double ear infection.
Poor girl is miserable, feverish and just plain sad.
Praying the antibiotic kicks in soon!

 Last weekend we took the kids to play some indoor putt putt.
They had a blast!
Adison showed such determination that I was impressed.
She is awesome!

 I had to get a picture of this bridge
They had built it across the turnpike just for the cattle pens.
Just one of the many reason that I love living in Kansas.
Well, that and the beautiful scenery.

While we were on our little getaway weekend last week we saw this gorgeous old church.
It was simply beautiful.
We had to pull over to snap a picture of it.
It's just not what you imagine seeing amidst the fields.
Such a beautiful find.


  1. to funny I thought I recognized that lunar golf place and then I saw the cattle crossing bridge and knew you had to be a fellow Kansan. Hope the ear infection clears up soon.

  2. I love your pictures! BTW I told ike that he gets to ride the bus and he is SOOOOOOO excited! It's going to be awesome for him and Ains to go to preschool together...I am sad they are not in the same class.

  3. Hope little Abby is feeling much better today!