Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This morning was rough

There's just no way around it.
This morning stunk.
Both literally and figuratively.
It all started when my insomnia that had been on leave decided to try a sneak appearance.
Which really, totally isn't nice.
At all.
{But, K is back home, he got home around midnight last night, woo hoo!}
I had just dragged my weary self out of bed when I hear Ainsley yelling for me.
Then a garbled sentence.

I finished getting every one's breakfast stuff ready then went to get/wake up children for the morning mad dash to get ready for school.
It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how early I get up, how much planning I do, the morning routine is chaotic.
Seriously chaotic.

After speaking with Ainsley I discover the reason behind her morning wake up call.
{She does this pretty much every morning, this morning there was an actual purpose behind it.}

According to Lee Abby had pooped all over her crib.


Poop, bleh.

I packed up the necessities to deal with this type of situation.
For once I actually remembered to bring the all important diaper wipes with me.
Usually I am trying to carry a messy child down the stairs with whatever else got messy.
This morning though, ha ha, I thought ahead.

Turns out not to be that big of a deal.
There was still poop on the crib sheet, but totally doable.

Then Adison was doing her now typical possum routine.
She likes to pretend to be asleep and then try to scare whomever is around.

Finally I get everyone downstairs, they have their respective morning stuff.
The beginnings of breakfast.

I sit down to tackle the atrocity on/in/outside of Abby's diaper.
It was bad.
Adison even commented on how it must be poisonous.

Then Lee starts in with her 3,000 questions in two minutes routine.
Then the whining starts in.
Then more questions.
Then whining, then not listening.
Wow, three almost four year olds are tough.

All while I am attempting to not gag/throw up/get the atrocity on me.

Finally I got everything cleaned up, answered all 4,293,648 questions that an almost 4 year old can have in the time frame of approximately 10 minutes and then took Abby in to see her exhausted, sleeping Daddy.

She was thrilled to see him, he was thrilled to see her.
Then Lee came in and the excitement started all over again.
Then Adison and it was just a room filled with excitement and shared stories.

So, I guess that even though the morning was rough and I haven't had my coffee yet {gasp}, the girls got to see their dad for the first time in a couple of days and Adison got to school on time.

I am calling that a success for today.

I am praying that today ends up much more smoothly.
If not though, I will try to find the happiness of know if the coffee can eventually get consumed.


  1. Bless your heart!! Definitely sounds like a rough morning but glad the girls got to see daddy. My morning rule is not to do anything without coffee :)

  2. oh my I hate it when the mornings start out rough! yes, get some coffee and hope that your day doesn't get worse!!!