Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wow! I have not updated in FOREVER!!

So...a lot has changed since I last posted. Adison is now 7 and is in the 1st grade. Ainsley or "Lee lee" as she is called these days is 2 and is such a funny little girl. Our newest addition is Abigail or "Abby" was born on November 16th. She was born a week early and weighed in at 8lbs 8oz. She was my biggest baby!
Things have been going so much better than I had anticipated. We are able to survive on a schedule and Abby is such a sweet little baby that the lack of sleep doesn't seem like such a big deal...most of time. That being said though, she is starting to do better. Not sleeping through the night yet, but we will be there eventually. When Abby was born, she failed her hearing test for her left ear. She ended up failing four times before we were referred on to Children's Mercy in KC. We had all pretty much given up hope that hearing in that ear would ever be a possibility, but after having 3 different hearing tests done the audiologist informed me that everything seems normal. We still have to watch for signs of hearing loss, but for now she is developmentally on track. God is so good!!! Miracles do happen!
Not much going on otherwise, just busy doing the day to day things of life. Loving every minute of it & relying on God.