Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Favorite picture of Adison

I found this picture today of Adison when she was four years old. We had taken her to the St. Patrick's Day parade. She had a blast & was such a cute little girl!

Interesting week thus far

This week has been interesting. First, Adison was diagnosed with Strep, then went on to have EVERY symptom including vomitting! So, after starting antibiotics, things are looking up and she went back to school today.

This morning, Kirk & I were awakened by Adison yelling, "Mommy, Daddy!!!" We asked her what was wrong and she told us there was an emergency. That Ainsley was about to fall out of her crib. It turns out that Ainsley had stepped on one of her crib toys and was attempting to escape! By the grace of God, we got up there soon enough and with Adison holding Ainsley in place, everything ended well.

If this is how the first half of the week went, it will be interesting to see what the second half looks like :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Scraping the car windows

Adison has been paying a lot of attention lately to Kirk scraping the car windows in the morning. She told me today that "Daddy is so sweet. Someday when I have a car, I hope that he will scrape my windows too!" It's funny how kids notice the small things that we do for one another. How Daddy scraping the car windows for Mommy makes Mommy's morning easier. This makes me wonder...what else is she paying attention to? Note to self, start paying more attention to the little things as well.