Monday, April 26, 2010

So, I said that I would do better with blogging, guess it didn't work out that well.

Abby- She is now 5 months old, rolling over, laughing. She is just the sweetest, cutest baby ever, but I am so not biased! She is also not sleeping through the night yet, I tell myself that this is our last baby so I won't be up with a baby again. It is actually working, well, Kirk also go up with all three kids this weekend so I could sleep in. He is mine!

Adison- She is finishing up 1st grade, I know, I am close to tears typing this. When did my darling little baby get to be 7 years old!?! Seriously, where has the time gone. She is also doing soccer this spring & loving it. The girl was born to be a goalie. Pure and simple! She is also reading like crazy.

Ainsley- She is the stereotypical 2 year old. so sweet at one moment and a terror the next. She is at that darling stage where she is saying the cutest things. I love this stage! She is also an amazing big sister, I was a little worried with her being such a momma's girl, but it turns out that she is a little momma herself. Works out amazing for everyone. We moved her into her "big girl bed" a while ago, she is doing pretty well except for when she starts feeling naughty, a couple of times of week I discover that yet another book has been ripped to shreds.

Well, that is everything for now. Hope everyone is enjoying spring as much as we are!