Monday, April 2, 2012


...happy girl that wore all pink for picture day. She had awful allergies though and I brought her home right after the picture was taken.

...really rough allergy season. Abby, Ainsley and I are all sniffling and sneezing. I am waiting for NyQuil to take me away, I am in desperate need of some sleep.

...tired mama, Abby decided not to sleep at all this weekend. It was like having a newborn all over again. 

...grateful daughter. My mom got my Pioneer Woman book signed by PW herself tonight, I can't wait to get it back! Thank you Mom and PW!

...blessed woman. At small group tonight, we were finishing up with a recap of the book of Romans and what we had learned. K, who never talks about our miscarriages, talked about the suffering that we went through. Finding a purpose to it and peace with it. It simultaneously warmed my heart and broke it. I am blessed with the children that the Lord has given me.

...woman that is learning to be content. This is a struggle for me, but, I am ever so slowly learning to be content with where I am. I am exactly where God has placed me. He never makes mistakes nor places people in the wrong place. I am where I am for a purpose.

...very excited churchgoer. I feel like we haven't been to church FOR-EV-AH! Due to sickness and being out of town I am desperately looking forward to church this weekend. 

...happy woman. We got to spend the weekend with K's family and his aunt came into town. The cupcakes and their cousins put on a puppet show and there was some lovely bonding times.

...happy wife, K and I went out on a date this weekend! Yep, me and my hunky hubby went out, we held hands and had fun. Yippee for dates!

How was your weekend my dears? 

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