Thursday, April 5, 2012

*cough cough*

I'm still here.
Feeling a bit like Ainsley and her bff Kaylin.
I seem to have a mixture of allergies/sickness and am feeling pretty...well...bleh.
How funny is that picture!?!
K took that while he was at Adison's soccer practice, I seriously laughed out loud when I saw it.
They look so bummed, oh so very disappointed.

Yesterday, while I was taking Adison to school, it hit me that I lose my voice every spring.
I just realized that I forgot to mention that point.
Yesterday the voice was gone, today I sound like I have been yelling while at a rock concert all night.
Anyways, back to my train of thought yesterday.
So, every spring I lose my voice.
It is one of the constants in life, such as me needing copious quantities of coffee after daylight savings time or my need to nap during the weekend.

This got me thinking about the purpose of a not being able to speak.
It forces me, the talker, to be silent.
To spend some time in my thoughts and talking with God.
Time, that I would normally fill with chatting.
Maybe that's the purpose of it, to force me to focus this Lenten period on God.
On Jesus, on His sacrifice.
On His rising, on His holiness.

We were listening to a different version of this song: 

Yes, sometimes silence is golden.
It gives us time to think.
It gave me time to really focus on God and this Lenten time.
It think of what Jesus was going through.

I am grateful for this time of silence.



  1. What a great way to turn negatives into a positive.

    1. Aw, thanks Betsy, you are so sweet!

  2. great post! God has some funny ways of getting us to take a step back and outside ourselves eh? And those girls. rofl. They look so bored lol

    1. Thanks Sarah! Yes, He certainly does! They do look oh so bored and the pic is oh so funny! I hope you had a great Easter!