Friday, April 20, 2012

It's been 6 years

Somehow 6 years have gone by.

6 years since we found out that our second child, Emma Grace, was gone.

6 years since receiving the news and learning a new way to cope and live.

I only carried her in my womb for 13 weeks, but she is mine and she is ours.

She is our child, she is a sibling to our daughters.

Her short life had significance, it made an impact.

Even if that impact was only meant for K and I, she made it.

We are changed, forever.

Looking back on these past 6 years I can say that we are changed for the better.

She changed us, grew us and made us better.

Baby girl, I love you so very much.
I think of you in Heaven with my Grandma, sitting on her lap while she rocks you to sleep.
We have hope, my dear, hope that we will see you one day.
I love you my precious angel baby.


  1. Oh Danna..

    So much love to you and your family..

    Thinking about you and your beautiful family, your girls and especially your Emma Grace and wishing you lots of peace and love..


  2. Oh, danna! My heart aches with yours! I lost a baby girl-Josie hope-at 14 weeks exactly 4 years ago this week. It's hard.