Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

It's Thursday again, my how the days fly by.
We are on the eve of Friday, within reach of the weekend.
This week, as well as the last few weeks, was beyond busy.
Summer is in the near future and I am looking forward to having days with nothing to do besides sleep in and go swimming.
{ha ha, a girl can dream that it will all go so smoothly!}

The Good: I have been feeling my creativity trying to reach me. I now just need to decide on a new project to work on, I'm thinking something cupcake centered. I made the mistake of browsing Etsy for pink cupcakes and saw some really neat things. Currently I am looking at cupcake ribbon to make a bow for Abby, I found some cute ones now I just need to make a decision. This morning, after the older girls were at school Abby and I shared a cupcake as part of our breakfast, it was delicious. Ainsley knee isn't hurting her as much, she still has some sensitivity and limited movement, but considering where her stitches are I am beyond thrilled. K and I are still doing more outdoor work, I am trying to decide what to tackle this weekend, Adison is dying to paint something, so I am trying to come up with a project. I am really looking forward to going to the farmers market this weekend and Adison's soccer game.

The Bad: my heart is heavy for people that I know that are suffering. Sickness, miscarriages and other things, life is hard.

The Funny: the video quality is not the greatest, but I was able to get Abby on film saying "Focus" and "Privacy", I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. I keep watching it just to laugh, what a goofy girl.


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  1. Cupcakes for breakfast! I love that I'm not the only one that indulges in life's little pleasures. And Abby is to cute! "privacy"!