Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Monday y'all!

Our weekend started off with a *BANG*
Adison's school carnival was scheduled for Friday evening, but then a spring storm decided to roll in with the threat of tornadoes.
Carnival cancelled, bummer.
The severe weather decided to hang out for a while and we ended up in the basement when the tornado sirens started going off.
All ended well though.

Saturday Adison had a soccer game, she did AMAZING!
It's always so gratifying as a parent to watch your child work had and improve.
The game ended in a tie, they don't technically keep score, but everyone else does.

Afterwards we headed home, Adison and I worked on some puzzles.
It was a very relaxed day.
That evening a couple from our small group invited everyone over, we grilled, talked and the kids played.
It was a wonderful evening!

Sunday, whew, Sunday we ran some errands.
Not overly exciting, but necessary.
I started working on a crafting project.
When it's finished I'll share it with everyone.

Tonight we are going to the rescheduled carnival and one-mile fun run.
Poor Lee though, she is super bummed that she will miss ballet.
Many a tear were shed, oh well, she will have ballet next week.

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