Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Update, it's been a while!

Adison is almost done with kindergarten. As I think back to when the school year began, my fears & reservations as well as Adison being this wonderful blank slate, I am amazed at how much things have changed. Adison is now reading! Not just a little, but entire books! She is already on the 1st grade reading list as well. I feel truly blessed that Adison has the teacher that she does, her teacher shows her compassion but also holds her accountable. My kind of teacher! Adison is also participating in soccer this spring, I have come to the conclusion that spring might not be the best time for outdoor sports. It seems like it is always either rainy or horribly windy when she had games.
Ainsley is now 18 months old!! She is talking up a storm, running, climbing & throwing temper tantrums. Did I mention hitting? She is so much fun and gives us quite a few laughs! She is a pure delight!