Friday, December 13, 2013

Right now: december 13

Right now:

--I'm snuggling my friends' little boy- he's incredibly cuddly and I'm soaking it in. It's my most favorite in the entire world. Hand me a baby and I will snuggle.

--Staring at my Christmas tree and noticing that some little hands have been busy at work rearranging ornaments. There are little groupings: two sparkly balls nestled on a branch, two glittery snowflakes side-by-side, two mirrored balls staggered next to one another. Normally this would drive me bananas--but now, I'm going to enjoy the masterpiece of one of my littles.

--Watching one of our cats pounce on the tree skirt. She gets down, wiggles her little tush and leaps. What she's going after is beyond me, but she then lays down and has a very content look about her. Well done, Zoe.

--Thinking about Ainsley asking me to tell her the story about Christ's birth again. She loved it when after K read about it in the Bible we used our Nativity to act it out.

--Looking forward to these next couple weeks. When our days slow down, alarms are turned off and we get to just be. I foresee many a morning (or afternoon to be honest) in our pjs watching movies.

--Looking forward to our small group Christmas party. We decided to do an ugly sweater party and somehow K turned it from a white elephant party to a white unicorn party, I'm not sure what that entails but it'll be awesome.

Good night, xo

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eleventy billion things

Happy Wednesday my loves!
At least I think it's Wednesday ... my kids (yes, all three of them) have decided to contract a stomach bug.
The things coming out of my children are horrifying, the smell, well, lets just say that there has been a lot of: laundry washing, bath taking, disinfecting and candles being lit.
I *think* we are at the end of this mess, although I thought that last night only to discover that Ainsley had thrown up off the side of the bed sometime in the middle of the night.
I'm not holding my breath.
(except for when I'm cleaning the previously mentioned filth)
I am praying with all my might that K and I avoid this, please please please let this skip the two of us.
Yes, that's the sound of desperation.

I'm working backwards with this post because that's how the pics downloaded off of my phone and rather than fighting it I decided to go with it.

This turkey had her well-check on Monday.
She was NOT please about having to wear the "big pajamas", at all.
I snapped this pic to send home to K who was home with Lee.
She would not smile, she was ticked.
Don't mess with her and her clothing choices.
She later informed me that she'd rather be naked then have to wear the gown, I foresee massive clothing battles in our future.

These two.
They laugh, they fight, they laugh some more, but most of all they love each other dearly.
This was on Abby's fourth birthday.
When anyone asked how her day was she was respond to everyone with, "I'm fouah!"
She had a blast.
We had a blast.
Yes, it was forever ago.
No, I didn't blog about it.
Because I'm an awful blogger!
We had fun trick-or-treating with some of our small group.
It was lovely, can't wait to do it again next year!

I'm a redhead now and I'm loving it.
I dyed my hair while we were visiting my mom and step-dad.
That weekend was amazing and I need to blog about that as well.
It was awesome and we met some online friends in person for the first time.
It was epic.
I need to blog about that, too.
See, bad blogger.

And because my children insist on getting older every year, Adison and Ainsley demanded to turn a year old.
I tried to stop it but Ainsley told her that Jesus told her she could and you can't argue with Jesus.
We celebrated their birthdays together at one of my favorite places, they make cupcakes and not just any cupcakes, the best cupcakes ever.

I hope you are doing well, how's life treating you?
Let's catch up.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day

I've had 6 miscarriages.
5 of them were win the first trimester and one was in the beginning of the second.
I had a easy pregnancy and delivery with our first, Adison, two years of infertility followed by 4 miscarriages.
We then had our first rainbow baby, Ainsley, followed by two more miscarriages and then had our second rainbow, Abby.

This is us.
This is our reality.
This is the story of our family.
This is what has built our family, what has brought us to the deepest depths of despair and has helped us to feel such gratitude for what we have.
While, at times, it felt like it might break us individually had the opposite effect on our marriage and brought us so very close to one another.
It has shaded every tough moments with having children with the thought of what might not have been.

This experience can be so very isolating, the feeling of being so very alone and so broken that you might shatter.
Here's something I came to realize, you are not alone.
Even if you feel that you are, please know that you are not.
I remember feeling so very lost and unsure and well, terrified.
Please know that I'm here for you, please.
I know the primal need to share, to make sure that others remember you baby(ies).

If you would like to read more about my {our} experiences, start here.

Today, October 15th, is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day.
It is a day that we remember all of the tiny ones that were lost through miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS or death during infancy.
Today we remember.

I was contacted by Count the Kick campaign to help share what they are doing.
By keeping track of your baby's movements you can help prevent late-term complications and stillbirths.
Please check out their facebook page: Count the Kicks 

If you've gone through a pregnancy or infant loss and you would like to share, please do so.
Talking about my losses has helped tremendously.
Please know that I'm praying for you, xo

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Here we are

So, I'm here.
Struggling to figure out what to write.
I think about it on a daily basis.

So, here's where we are.

We are busy.
We are adjusting to our new norm.
Two kids in school, one at home.

A fifth grader {whoa!} who has her own very definite idea of how things are supposed to be.
If they are not exactly the way she would like then watch out.
She's growing up, she's trying new things and just throwing me for a loop.

A kindergartner {double whoa} who is so sensitive and yet really Type A.
Girl has to have things done the right way, has to do things the right way the first time and stresses over the unknown and uncertain.

A three {soon to be 4 year old} who is still adjusting to her best friend being in kindergarten.
Who is for really the first time is alone, she's finding her own voice, learning to play by herself and stretch her imagination.

This time has been busy and fun and crazy and loud and frustrating and exhausting and well, life.

I'm enjoying where we are at, I'm enjoying this slice of life, maybe not each and every moment {keeping it real} but trying to.

I'm tired though, this time, while not as physically strenuous is so much more emotionally and mentally taxing.
Yay coffee.

Yesterday I had a glimpse at what having three female teenagers will be like and whoa, I'm kind of scared.
The bickering was bouncing around like a ping pong ball, one would be upset and bicker with another and then someone else would start up and so on and so forth.
We made it through it.

We continue to figure all of this out, figure out how things flow and causes stress.
I'm trying to figure out how to make it all work, I'm thinking of starting a clip chart like they do at the girls' school.
If I start it I'll let y'all know.
I'm sure it will be interesting.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Adios Summer

Summer is almost over.
There, I've said it.
I've uttered those four dreadful words.
Over. Finished. Done.

This Summer has been a good one.
Scratch that, I'd go so far and say glorious.
An A+ in fact.
Sure, we've had some rough days but overall it was kind to us.

Swimming, swimming and more swimming.
Parks, picnics, playing with friends, ice cream and sleeping in.

This Summer could possible win the award for my most favorite thus far.
This afternoon, after picking up the big girls from school we are hitting the pool for the last time this year.
I'm planning on staying until they kick us out.
We're going to swim until we turn pruney and the kids are all but BEGGING to leave.

Thanks for your warm days, sunny skies and fun we've had.
A very grateful mom

P.S. could you please keep the bugs away next year? I could do without the mosquitos, chiggers, horseflies and such. xo

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A last and two firsts

School has started.
I'm still trying to let that sink in.
School has started and the oh so busy schedule has started as well.
Can't we have summer for a bit longer?
Pretty please??

These two girls were SOOOOOO excited for school to start.
They both had picked out their first day of school outfits roughly five days before school started.
I think they looked pretty spiffy personally.

This girl is in her last year of elementary school.
She's one of the big kids on campus.
5th grade, I cannot believe it.
I swear she was a kindergartner yesterday.
Adison is so excited because this year they get to do band or strings.
She's really hoping to do violin, we should find out next week.
I'll keep you posted.

Ainsley started kindergarten.
Again, I feel like just yesterday she was a little 9 month old going with me to take Adison to kindergarten.
She had been pretty nervous but then we found out that she was going to have Adison's kindergarten teacher as her teacher as well.
I was beyond pleased.
We also had Sneak Peek the day evening before school started and that really got her pumped.
She was so cute getting her backpack all ready and packing her lunch.
It was a riot watching her pick out her backpack and lunch bag {she picked Hello Kitty, shocker!}.

I couldn't leave Miss Abby out of the first day of school pics.
My girls are growing up!

She held it together so well and then the tears started falling.
I knew they were coming because she had her little hands on her face.
When the dam first broke she had both hands on her little cheeks, that's a tell tale sign that Lee is going to lose it.
I held it together until she didn't, I managed to get teary but never actually cry.
It was so hard to keep it together, I knew this day would be hard for my little home-body, mama-loving girl.
She was so brave though you guys and her little excited face when school got out was priceless.
She told me in the van on the way home, "I cried because I missed you, then I forgot about you and didn't cry."

Poor Abby.
That first day that both of her sisters were gone was a tough one.
She kept telling me, "I want to stay home, I don't want to go anywhere without my sisters."
Cue the heartbreak, I felt so bad for this girl.
We met up with some friends at the library who knew that Miss Abby was having a hard time without her sisters, especially Ainsley.
I just love good friends that surround you and your children.

A week after the older two girls started school, Abby started preschool.
After the epic meltdown and shutdown that homegirl had at a preschool screening we decided to hold off on the whole preschool thing.
This shy girl wanted to stay at home which was fine by me, she's three.
She can stay by my side, no problems!
But then, one of my dear friends, Sarah, invited Abby to join her daughter in some homeschool preschool.
Let me tell ya, despite some tears the morning of before we left the house, she LOVED it!
Not a tear nor a turn of the head as I left happened.
She was a rockstar!
I feel like this is the exact right place for her to be, doing school with one of her best little friends and her mama who loves my girl so much.
It's perfection.

So, here we are, back at it.
Signing planners, looking at papers, making sure homework is done and lunches are packed.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

She's not a napper

Homegirl does not nap, we'll hardly ever naps and if she does its for 3 minutes in the car.

Trust me when I say that it doesn't lend itself to a fun evening.

Today the older girls are at a friends house (I'm best friends with the mom and the girls are best friends with her two daughters, it's awesome) which means that the house is eerily quiet.

We've had a quiet afternoon that has been punctuated with hugs and requests for peanut butter crackers.

I went into the kitchen a little while ago to make dinner and Abby up and fell asleep!

She's been sleeping for almost 45 minutes (shocking!).

I haven't been extra quiet or anything but she's still out like a light.

I wonder how quickly she'll wake up after her sisters walk in the door?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Counting down

We are in countdown mode for school starting.
I'm not ready, not ready at all.
Summer could go on for a few more months for all I care.

1. I haven't done ANY back to school shopping yet.
Zero, zilch, nada
I'm in denial y'all, school can't be starting yet, it simply can't.

2. It's been raining so much lately.
I finally mowed our lawn tonight and I lost count as to how many times the mower died because the grass was so long.
It was bad, really bad.
Now it's done though.

3. My mom is coming in town on Friday!
Woo to the hoo!
I'm beyond excited, this is a nice countdown to have.

4. My latest snack indulgence lately has been hummus with black bean and garlic chips, so freakin' good.

5. I'm headed to bed, sorry this is so short and random, I'm ex-haust-ed.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I've got my rain boots on

It's been raining and raining and raining.
Last night I had a meeting to attend and decided to wear my purple rain boots.
They're purple, that fills me with such happiness.

Last night's meeting was my first as president of a a committee for our school district.
Being president has been really freaking me out, but after last night I feel soooo much better about it.
I'm praying that my anxiety about it continues to stay away and I can remain cool, calm and collected about it.
Please pray for me!!

Tomorrow morning I have to enroll Adison and Ainsley in school.
So. no. ready.
At. all.
Hold me, please, while I cry a river on your shoulder.
Maybe sing Soft Kitty to me and hand me a margarita and a Caramello.

This morning I finally was able to make a Pilates class, it was awesome.
It was hard but I felt great afterwards.

Have I mentioned that Ainsley's caterpillars turned into butterflies?
We will probably release them tomorrow and will write up a post all about the experience.
Our whole family has loved it.

Hope y'all are enjoying the last few weeks of summer!
Tomorrow will be a busy day so I'm off to bed, see you on the flip side, xo

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dialing it in

I've been a bad blogger, yes, I feel like I'm saying that for roughly the ten thousandth time.

So yes, bad blogger and yes I'm dialing it in.

In fact, I'm laying in bed typing this on my phone.

So bad, so so so bad.

School starts in less than 3 weeks, hold me, and we are trying to squeeze every last drop out of summer.

Farmers market, swimming, staying in bed as long as humanly possible, firefly catching, we are trying to soak it all in.

I hope y'all are having a great summer, me, I'm trying to extend this bad boy as long as possible!

Much love, xoxoxo

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's been a long, long while

Yes, we're still here.
We're still very busy and at the moment pretty hot.

Today, both my car and K's said that it was 107 outside.
That's 107 + an additional 10,000,000 degrees with the humidity.

So, while it's pretty miserable right now we had a glorious 4th.

That's when we took the picture above.
In true to us fashion we had to run to the grocery store on the 4th for the things we were responsible for bringing to the BBQ.
We went over to my best friend's house to celebrate with some of her family.
We had a marvelous time!

We have been spending a lot of time at the pool lately.
Both of the little girls have now progressed to swimming some without their floaties.
Abby can swim underwater for a pretty impressive distance.
Lee swims really well, she doesn't like putting her face in the water though.
Adison, well, homegirl is part fish, she's in the deep end of the pool the entire time, she only comes back when she's hungry.

Other than that, well, K had to take off of work a couple of weeks ago because I apparently don't know how to cough.
Well, that and I'd been coughing for 3 months and really hurt my back.
An antibiotic, prescription strength cough medicine, a muscle relaxer and ibuprofen and I'm pretty much back to normal.
Today I had to call to get another antibiotic because the cough just won't go away.

How about you, how has your summer been going?

Any good books you've been reading or great movies?


Monday, June 17, 2013

This, that and the other thing

I've got a list for you, so lazy but at least it's something???
That's what I'll tell myself.

1. I took all three girls in for their dentist appointments this morning.
Adison did great, no problems, no cavities.
Then it was time for the next child, neither of the little girls wanted to go next so I bribed them, or shall I say "used positive reinforcement".
I told them that whoever went next would get a quarter, Abby took me up on that offer.
This was Abby's first actual dental appointment, she had gone with me to the other appointments but had always been too scared to do it.
Today though, the girl shocked me, she let them count, clean AND floss her teeth.
She even sat there and let the dentist come in and count her teeth.
Way to go Abby!
She did lay on me while having it all done but I declare it a roaring success.
Lee was not thrilled at all to be there, but we finally convinced her to take a step further than last time and she made it through counting, cleaning AND flossing as well. 
The girls rocked it!

2. This morning, I was awakened at dark o'clock in the morning to the feeling of something odd in my bed.
I turned over and there was little Abby, just laying in our bed, acting like she owned the place.
I promptly fell back asleep only to awaken at 7:30 to said princess's feet kicking me in the back.
K informed me that he was awakened by her head digging into his side.
We've never really had the kids sleep in our bed unless they are sick so this was kind of nice, not that I want to make it a nightly, weekly or even monthly ritual {not that I am in any way judging co-sleeping, it's just not for us} but it was REALLY nice.

3. Adison has been impressing me lately, she is maturing and just growing up.
Could someone please ask her to chill out with the growing business, I'm not ready for it yet.

4. I started watching Call the Midwife the other day and have already finished season one, so good.
I love the actress that plays Chummy, she's my favorite.

5. I got my lip balms and body butter from my friend, Anna, and I LOVE them. She's working on her website so as soon as it's up I'll let you know.

6. This parenting thing is hard work, it's so rewarding but so incredibly hard.
Abby threw a temper tantrum for about an hour on Thursday night.
Big hugs to all the mamas and daddys out there.

7. We had a small group BBQ this evening.
It was wonderful, I miss these people that God has brought into our lives.
I miss their kiddos and talking and life.
One couple couldn't make it tonight, I miss catching up.

8. I've got nothing else, I'm planning on getting a frozen coconut bar and reading a book.
I'm ready to call it a night.
Much love to you, xo

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just keep swimming

Swimming, we (or rather) the kids have been doing a lot of it lately.

They have had swimming lessons since last Monday, all three girls are enrolled in them right now.

Adison was moved up a level on the second day of lessons and couldn't have been more thrilled because now she's with her best friend.

Ainsley and Abby are both on level one and are loving it. It helps that Ainsley's best friend and a little girl from our church are in the same group.

For me, the most exciting thing has been watching Abby swim. She can be a tough nut to crack and if she doesn't want to do something then it's next to impossible to make it happen. She has taken to her swimming lessons like a pro. She's not afraid of anything and will do whatever they ask.

Bob my head under water? Sure!
Float on my back with only your hands supporting me? You betcha!
Go underwater and get diving rings from the bottom of the pool? That's child's play.

She is doing amazing!

Here she was at the pool yesterday afternoon:

She had me rolling! I was so proud of her for this, then today when the pool had even more water in it she was actually swimming rather than kicking in one spot.

The above video is from the pool at the gym we go to. They have an outdoor pool with a slide and diving area as well as a baby pool. The video is from the baby pool.

We've been spending pretty much every nice work day at the pool. The kids are having fun and I'm enjoying myself as well. It always helps to have friends at the pool for the kids AND the grown ups.

We have been swimming and swimming and swimming and don't see that changing any time soon.

How has your summer been going so far?

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Color Run 3.0

Heads up, this is a picture HEAVY post.

On Saturday, I did The Color Run (CR) for the third time.
It was a blast!

I wasn't able to run it though, my ankle hasn't healed yet.
I think it's safe to say that when my Dr. told me I would have been better off breaking it she was telling the truth.

This CR was particularly awesome because I was able to do it with my mom.
I did it with my two besties, Jennifer and Clara, for the third time as well :)
All three of us had our moms there and Clara had one of her sisters there as well.

It was a fun time hanging out with the ladies!

My mom and I at the hotel before the run.
We had a blast!

Since we had our moms {and sister!} we decided to go all out this year.
Tiaras, tutus with rainbow colors and fun socks.

Jennifer, me and Clara, pre-race at the event.
Notice the tiaras?
They match our tutus.

I had to curtsy, it's impossible to not feel like a princess with a pink tiara and pink & white tutu on.
This pic cracks me up, notice the port-a-potties in the background!!!

Here's me in all of my pre-race color.
We only did the color on the back so it was mostly white.

At this point we had made it through orange and yellow as well as some spray green and purple.
We posed in the exact same spot when we did our first CR in KC {the second was in Lawrence}.
Notice the photobomber??? In a previous pic he could be seen jumping behind us.

The CR really is a blast.
It is so fun and happy, people are there to have a good time.
It really brings out the kid in everyone.

This pic was post-CR and four color tosses.
When you pick up your race packets the day before they give you a packet of color.
When you get to the end of the race there is a stage with a dj playing music.
They count down and everyone throws their color in the air.
It is such a fun experience!

We were filthy!
At the yellow station someone had thrown yellow right into my ear, my scalp was {and still is green}.
My mom told me that I looked like I belonged in the movie Avatar.

Post-race and post-shower.
After some scrubbing, okay, a lot of scrubbing I was pretty clean.
Like I said, still some green on my scalp, no matter how long I wash my hair it always seems to take a while to get it all out.

This Color Run really was fun, I can't wait to do it in KC next year!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 3 of summer break

This picture was snapped by K almost two weeks ago.
I had been jumping in puddles with the girls and then Lee accidentally kicked mud all over me.

3 days of summer break.

Day 1: was spend doing absolutely nothing, I'd had a migraine on Monday night and was in a post-migraine fog Tuesday.

Day 2: nothing grand. We lazed about the house, I love not having to be anywhere in the morning. Glorious. Finally we got moving around lunch time, I "made" turkey and ham tortilla roll-ups with garlic hummus and carrots for lunch. My girls love tortilla roll-ups. We made it to the gym {I can't even get into my work-out frustrations right now, the progress is still stalled!} and then the kids begged to go to the pool. We went, it was freezing but the kids had a blast. Poor Abby was so cold but she powered through. Last night ended in another headache, le sigh.

Day 3: so far it consists of Abby and I laying in bed listening to music on my phone and consuming what could be the best cup of coffee I've ever made. I love it when that happens!

My girls love watching videos on YouTube, yesterday was spent watching a vast array of videos:

We've been singing this song in church and I cannot get it out of my head, I love it:

Ainsley is obsessed with this song and sings it constantly:
 I saw this video from Facebook yesterday and laughed hysterically, make sure you watch the entire thing:
 The last one led to me teaching Adison how to do this dance, you're welcome world:
What's new in your worlds lovelies?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A mostly wordless Wednesday...okay fine, a not too many words Wednesday

This girl, my mini-me.
When she smiles the world smiles back, when she's angry, well, watch out world.
This girl, she my rainbow, sunshine girl.
She's my sparkly, wear every color imaginable on my body at once.
My girl who can be shy then belt out the lyrics to almost any song she's heard one time.
This girl who made me a mama again after so many heartbreaks, she brought me back.
This girl, she's awesome and amazing and I am so happy I get to call her mine.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bullet points

:: I had a lovely Mother's Day. We went to church, then K took us all out to Jose Peppers or as my kids like to call it "Dr. Peppers", we then took the kiddos to the park {where my only job was to bask in the sun's glow}, we then went home to rest for a bit and then headed out for ice cream with my dad, step-mom, brother, sister-in-law and niece. Oh yeah, K gifted me with a Duck Dynasty hat. The girls was supa-jealous. Adison kept trying to take it, back off little ladies, this is mama's!

:: There are only 8 days of school left. Come on Summer and days at the pool! I just had my last school-related meeting of this school year and all I can say is woo hoo! Although next year I'm going to be taking on a pretty big responsibility with one of the committees I'm on, for now  though, I'm just going to ignore all of that.

:: Mother's Day was not kind to my "Get my butt into shape for swimsuit season" kick that I'm on. ::sigh:: That means kicking it into high gear, ouch. I'm so sore. My ankle injury had set me back quite a bit, I feel like I had lost a lot of the muscle toning that I'd accomplished so I'm pushing it, trying to get back to where I was.

:: The Color Run is in a few weeks, at this point I'm going to call it the Color Walk because this lady still cannot run, a jog for a few minutes is all that my ankle will allow. 

:: K and I have been on a huge downsizing binge lately, we have been trying to get rid of some of the "stuff" that we have around our home. It seems like we stop using things {the kids grow out of/stop using} and rather than do something else with it, we hold on to it. Why??? Today I sold our double stroller. We don't need it, why is it taking up space??? Plus, I don't know about you guys, but a few extra bucks helps, with this economy money is tight.

:: What books are you guys reading? I need some new titles/authors. I haven't been reading as much lately and NEED to, reading {besides sleeping} is my favorite thing to do, I just need some new material. Share, por favor?

:: Tell me what's new with you, I miss our chats, xo, D

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happiness Week, Day: 7

1. Happiness Week.
I can't believe how quickly the past week has come and gone.
I've really enjoyed this last week, focusing on the positive rather than letting the negatives take hold.
I hope to continue on with this little project, to keep my eyes on the beauty of this life.
It's the only one I've got and I want to really live it, it really relish in this life of mine.
The good and the bad.

2. My mom.
She's my best friend.
We've been through our ups and our downs.
We've worked on this relationship that we have and I'm proud of us.
Of wanting for our relationship to grow and change as we have both gone through life changes.
I love my mom, I'm so happy that I can call her my best friend.
I truly love her not only as my mom but as my friend as well.
Love you Mamacita!!

3. This little place here.
I love all of you, you all fill me with such happiness.
To be able to come here, open my heart and have such support is amazing.
To have the relationships that I have made with you all, you've become my friends, not just acquaintances from the internets.
So, thank you, thank you for sharing your lives with me, for supporting me and for making me laugh, I hope that I've been able to do the same for you.

Much love to you all, xo

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happiness Week, Day: 6

Tomorrow we are back at it, it's hard to believe that the new week is upon us.
Three weeks, Adison has three weeks of school left.
3 more Mondays.

1. Overflow.
Tonight we had a worship service at church called Overflow.
It's so great to worship, to worship for longer than at a normal service and to worship with the kids.
Adison sat with a friend and the little girls sat with K and me as well as one of our friends.
I loved it, love love loved it.

2. Naps.
I've not been sleeping well, at all.
The coughing, oh the coughing.
It was so bad that not even the Nyquil I took worked.
This morning after church and a quick trip to the store I slept.
The girls were being loud and running around so I lay in bed and prayed for sleep.
Praise the Lord, I think I slept for an hour or an hour and a half.

3. Miss Abigail in swimsuits and dancing.
Abby, despite my constant demands that she stop growing, is getting bigger.
On Thursday I noticed that her 2T clothes were looking little on her, Friday I went through all of her clothes and pulled all the 2T ones that didn't fit any longer.
Her swimsuit didn't fit anymore so while we were at Target we picked up a new one for her.
I decided to get her a little tankini so it would be easier to get it on and off.
I thought that it was one of the tankinis that would completely cover her tummy but when we got home and she tried it on it showed her little belly.
It was so stinkin' cute seeing her little herniated button.
She loved all the ruffles on it, she bounced and danced and was spinning in circles.
Cutie pa-tootie.

How was your weekend?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happiness Week, Day: 5

Day 5, here we are, it's Saturday!

1. I have to say that I was very happy to hear that Adison's soccer game was rained out.
I did not want to have to stand in the cold and be wet, I admit it, I'm a wienie.
Did I tell you that I agreed to be the assistant coach?
I think so but can't quite remember.
So, I really really REALLY didn't want to have her game today.
I was so happy that I got the text while still laying in bed.

2. Church tonight.
I got to see some of my friends and the sweet nursery kids.
I love our church, absolutely love it.
Tomorrow night we have an extra worship service called Overflow, I love the worship as well as listening to our girls sing their hearts out. 

3. Rotisserie chicken sandwich from Mr. Goodcents.
Today after running errands K went to Mr. Goodcents to pick up some food.
Today I had a rotisserie ________ {there was another word here, I just can't remember what it was }herb chicken sandwich with slices of parmeasan cheese on whole wheat bread.
So good.

Happy Saturday lovelies, here's to a wonderful Sunday, xo

Friday, May 3, 2013

Happiness Week, Day: 4

It's Friday!
This week has been so odd, my days have been off all week and I haven't really been sure what day it is.
Today though, I feel pretty confident that it's Friday.

This morning I was awakened to a screaming and bloody Abby.
Adison had accidentally head butted her in the nose and there was blood everywhere.
Poor Adison, she felt so bad and Abby, well, she was screaming her head off.
What a way to wake up!

1. Sunshine. 
After a lot of snow and rain {It's May!} I was pleasantly surprised to see the sun shining and blue skies this morning.
It's not going to stay but it was a nice way to start the morning.
We need the precipitation, living in Kansas we are surrounded my crops that need rain.

2. Spiders.
I found a spider in our hallway this morning so I'm going to try to turn this into a positive somehow.
Um, spiders take care of mosquitoes and those things drive me batty.
So yay for spiders, I am more than happy to see you outside but do not, I repeat DO NOT come in my house because then you are fair game.

3. My children.
They drive me batty, they drive me crazy but they are mine and I love them.
Through it all, the fun, the hard, the crazy, the serene, they are mine and I wouldn't trade any of them for anything in the world.
I love when they interact well with one another.
This morning they decided to make a clubhouse using the dining room table I bought the other day {I'll tell you that story another day}.
They draped blankets over it and proclaimed it "Ainsley's Club" since she's the one that decided to make the club.
They came up with a song for it and were happy.

::something that's been on my heart lately.
What is on this tiny sliver of the internets of mine is just a snapshot a portion of our lives.
I don't share everything nor will I ever.
I just want to put that out there in case anyone ever got the impression that things are lovely here all the time because they're not.
We are living real lives with real joys and frustrations, with tears and smiles.
The end::

What are your plans for this weekend?

We've got a soccer game, church and a worship service called, Overflow, on Sunday evening.
It should be a pretty low-key weekend, yippee!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happiness Week, Day: 3

Well folks, here we are almost half way through our Happiness or Gratitude Week and I have to say that I have spent more time thinking about the positives going on rather than the negatives.
So far I would call this a success!
How about you, have you been noticing any changes so far?
Let's hop right into business:

1. Family Movie Night: normally we will make a pizza {or three, holy smokes our kids eat A LOT} and watch a movie together.
Tonight was a bit different, K stopped by the store and picked up a smorgesboard of things to make, we had Lee lay towels down in the living room and we watching the season finale of Duck Dynasty.
Good times.
K's beard has been getting kind of long lately and the girls are begging him to grow a "Duck Dynasty" beard.
It's awesome.
I need to take some pics and show you guys.

2. Abby has been extra lovey lately and I'll take it.
Homegirl is a true 3 year old, mood swings galore.
Attitude for days, sassiness that cannot be matched and over the top hilarious.
Today was full of hugs and kisses, leg hugs and I love you's.
It's so much nicer than the temper tantrums, the no's! and tears.
Happy Abby = a very happy Mama

3. School is almost over and summer is upon us.
{Ha, I write that while we are expecting more snow!}
Adison will be home all day, yippee!
It's hard to believe that the pool will be open soon and the smell of chlorine and sunscreen will fill our days.
I'm ready for no alarm clocks, for lazy mornings lounging in pj's and afternoons at the pool.
All three girls are signed up for swimming lessons this year, we are getting those taken care of the first two weeks of June.
Come on Summer!

I had mentioned on Monday I think about the coconut popsicles that K got for me and here they are.
He got me some more tonight so this was my dessert, delish!

Happy Thursday lovelies, I'll see y'all tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happiness Week, Day: 2

1. Walks in the park with friends.
This morning, Ainsley, Abby, B and I went on a walk with my friend Clara and three of her kiddos.
It was nice to get outside, walk, talk and enjoy the very brief Spring that we get in Kansas.

2. Coffee with Cold Stone Creamery creamer in it.
Hot or cold, it's delicious.
I look forward to my morning cup o' joe as well as my afternoon cup.

3. At home date nights with my honey.
Sometimes we watch a movie or catch up on our TV shows, sometimes we play a game, however we spend date night it's nice to have some set aside time with K.

I'll be back tomorrow to share three more things that make me happy, feel free to join in either with your own post or in the comments section.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happiness Week, Day:1

For the next 7 days {barring anything big} I want to write down at least three things a day that make me happy or fills me with gratitude.
Life can become monotonous and feel filled with frustrations so for the next week I will be intentionally looking for the beautiful.
Join me!

1. The other day I fell down the rabbit hole that is the internets and found myself watching Youtube videos of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.
Mr. Rogers was an important part of my childhood, I have very vibrant memories of watching that show and really feeling special.
My girls heard his voice on my phone as I was watching it and were instantly sucked in.
My 10 and 5 year olds loved the show today as much as I did when I was a kiddo.
I admit to tearing up while watching it and then while watching an interview with Mr. Rogers.

2. Having moms that I can go to for questions or discussions while parenting.
I think it's so important to find other moms, whether online, in real life or even better BOTH.
To be able to share experiences {the good and the bad} and to ask for wisdom and prayer.

3. Salted Caramel Shakes.
I mentioned to K that I heard of them and they sounded good and without me asking he went out and got me one.
Let me tell ya, it did not disappoint. 
I love the combination of salty and sweet.
K is an awesome husband, he knows my sweet tooth doesn't hit often but when it does he delivers.

What is making you happy today?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Are you there?

You know you've fallen off of the blogging wagon when your husband comments on the lack of posts.

Yes, I'm still here.
Yes, I'm still wanting to blog but feel ... I don't know, a lack of material.
Not to say that things have been dull around here, no, not one bit.

I've been keeping up with my Instagram lately, it's quick and right there on my phone.
My profile is private simply because I post a ton-o-pics of the girls but send me a request on there and we can be pals.

So, this idea running through my mind lately was doing something like a gratitude week.
Every day writing three things that you are grateful for or happy about.
I think that might help get me out of my writing funk, care to join?
Pretty please???

Around here lately:

::last weekend it has been 7 years since we found out that Miss Emma Grace died.
It's hard sometimes, my heart can't forget, it has a need to remember her.
I don't want to forget, I want to remember her, it's hard though because life does move on.
Most important though is that my girls know her, they know that she's waiting in Heaven for them, that great-grandma is rocking her on her lap and talking to Jesus.

::we've had another bug run through our house, this time is a back-breaking cough that goes on and on and on.
I was so sick last Wednesday that B didn't come over and I didn't work in the nursery at church on Saturday night.
I ::hope:: I'm finally getting over this thing, Adison is also I think, we're the last two holdouts.

::my van is acting up again.
I wish we really did have a money tree growing out back because it would be really helpful.
If it's not one thing it's another.

::now that the weather is nice {although I heard the words snow and Thursday on the radio today}K and I have been talking about getting some work down outside.
We need to scrape and stain the front and back porches and paint the front porch beams.
I think that we are going to need to mow soon as well, we've been getting so much rain!

::K brought me some coconut popsickles from the store the other day.
Oh my word, they were soooo good!
I'll find out the brand and share, holy smokes y'all are going to want to get some.

::I'm super excited, I ordered some lip balm from one of my most favorite bloggers, Anna, tonight.
I have super sensitive lips {weird} and I can't wait to give her lip balms a try.
She has an Etsy store, check it out!

I think that's all I've got for now lovelies, my nighttime cough medicine is kicking in and I'm getting sleepy.
See ya on the flip side, xo

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trying to explain

this picture has nothing to do with this post, it just makes me smile

Bombings, terrorism, death, destruction, evil

We don't have cable in our house so I like to listen to the news in the car.

The bombing in Boston.

How do you explain to your children something like this?

There's no way to understand this evil, there's no explanation that makes sense.

There is evil in this world, it is a very real and true thing.

Our oldest asked about why we hear so much about the bad in the world and why there is so much of it.

There is evil, baby. We can't make sense of it and we won't be able to understand it, but it's there. There is also so much good out there, too. There is more good and more beauty then there is bad, we just have to remember that.

She then asked me why we never hear about the good in the news, I told her that we do sometimes but that even though we don't hear about it as much doesn't mean that it's not there.

We live in such uncertain times with so much pain and terror, I'm trying to teach my children to rely on and trust in the Lord.
He always is and always will be there, through the good and the bad.
He's there, holding our hands and comforting us.

Hold true to that dear friends, He is here, He's with us.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Can't handle the sweetness

Abby has decided that napping is for the birds.

Awesome: she's going to sleep easier at night.

Not awesome: she's a crank-a-saurous rex, hardcore.

Awesome: I feel like we can do more during the weekend.

Not awesome: she's a crank-a-saurous rex.

Tonight, after a busy day of playing with friends and fighting (oh the sibling tantrums!), homegirl passed out.

She came into my room under the guise of cuddling.
Two minutes later she was out.

Good night sweet girl, Mama loves you

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I told myself that I would get better about blogging and I haven't.
Sorry friends.
I will try again to get better about posting everyday, even if its just a quick little blurb.

I have to remind myself that the reason that I write in this little space is for my kids someday.
They will be able to look back and see what our lives were like.
So, I need to get better about posting more regularly.

It's also good for me, I feel better when I can get all of the thoughts that jumble around in my mind out.

Ainsley had some productive quiet time a week or so ago.
While Abby and B nap, Ainsley and I have some quiet time.
On this day she lined up all of her Squinkies and then asked if she could take pictures of them.
Her little mind is so orderly, everything has a place.
She likes things to be tidy and just so.
She would get them lined up, ask me to look at them, then line them up another way, lather, rinse, repeat.

Last Saturday we had some errands to run.
The girls, without any prompting, all decided to wear pink.
Not just any pink though, it was the same color.
They were even feeling very friendly towards one another, I had to document the moment.

Mama, are they sparkly?
Sill goose.
She is so independent, the things that she already knows how to do or is willing to try is astonishing.
She's also so tiny that I often get comments about how daring she is.
Daring and sassy, an interesting combination.

I'm still chugging away at my "get in shape before summer" routine, but sometimes things need to be mixed up a bit.
Sometimes indulging is a nice thing to do, all things in moderation, right?
These Cheetos are delish.
They are my kind of snack food, cheese + salt + crunch = happy happy happy
The circle ones with the grid thing on them were the family fav, the kids ended up picking all of them out of the bag and eating them first.

I did some heavy duty deep cleaning on Sunday.
We had already done some spring cleaning on the main floor but the upstairs {the kids realm} was a disaster.
After asking them repeatedly {ad nauseum} to clean up there messes, I stepped in the get the job done.
The kids NEVER like it if K or I end up picking up there messes for them, many a thing gets thrown away.
My thought is that if I have asked repeatedly for something to get picked up and it hasn't been done, then it must not be that important.
Of course, that's not a blanket statement, I do actually pay attention to what get 86'ed but stuff does get tossed.
After 3 hours of exhaustive cleaning and working up a sweat, K went out to get me a treat.
It was delicious.

It seems like our car issues just keep a'comin'.
We got the van back a couple of weeks ago after having to replace the fuel pump among other things.
On Friday I kept hearing something that sounded like I was dragging a twig under the van when I would go over a bump.
I looked under the van to see the bracket that holds the fuel tank up was hanging down.
They were able to get it in first thing Monday morning and get it fixed for free since it hadn't been attached properly.
Yay for free!

Also on Monday, K's cousin Tiffany, her husband and their two kiddos came in town.
While Eric was at meetings, Tiff and I got together with the kiddos.
Swimming at their hotel, lunch and playtime at an indoor playground.
The kids had a blast and it was fun to do life with Tiffany.
This pic is her oldest, Danny, and Abby.
The two of them get along like peas and carrots.
They are such little dolls.

Chloe, our oldest cat, is kind of a weirdo.
If you leave a hair tie out she will take it and put it in the cats' food bowl.
She doesn't eat them or anything, just hoards them like they are a treasure.
I can't tell you how many times I've caught her pushing things around on my nightstand looking for a hair tie.
If you catch her in the act she will let out a chirpy little meow and run away as fast as possible with her loot in her mouth.

I finally went to the gym today.
My photographic proof is this, a picture that I sent to K asking him what the name of this movie is.
But, I made it and worked it and burned off some calories.
Operation Get Ready for Summer at the Pool is still in effect.

I'm going to try to be here more often lovelies, how are y'all doing?