Monday, May 6, 2013

Happiness Week, Day: 7

1. Happiness Week.
I can't believe how quickly the past week has come and gone.
I've really enjoyed this last week, focusing on the positive rather than letting the negatives take hold.
I hope to continue on with this little project, to keep my eyes on the beauty of this life.
It's the only one I've got and I want to really live it, it really relish in this life of mine.
The good and the bad.

2. My mom.
She's my best friend.
We've been through our ups and our downs.
We've worked on this relationship that we have and I'm proud of us.
Of wanting for our relationship to grow and change as we have both gone through life changes.
I love my mom, I'm so happy that I can call her my best friend.
I truly love her not only as my mom but as my friend as well.
Love you Mamacita!!

3. This little place here.
I love all of you, you all fill me with such happiness.
To be able to come here, open my heart and have such support is amazing.
To have the relationships that I have made with you all, you've become my friends, not just acquaintances from the internets.
So, thank you, thank you for sharing your lives with me, for supporting me and for making me laugh, I hope that I've been able to do the same for you.

Much love to you all, xo

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  1. :) What can I say. This post is just wonderful! Love you girlie! And you have definitely done the same for us!