Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A mostly wordless Wednesday...okay fine, a not too many words Wednesday

This girl, my mini-me.
When she smiles the world smiles back, when she's angry, well, watch out world.
This girl, she my rainbow, sunshine girl.
She's my sparkly, wear every color imaginable on my body at once.
My girl who can be shy then belt out the lyrics to almost any song she's heard one time.
This girl who made me a mama again after so many heartbreaks, she brought me back.
This girl, she's awesome and amazing and I am so happy I get to call her mine.


  1. Oh this made me cry! Feeling emotional recently with gods doing right now...and I totally get the made you a momma again after so many losses. I've never asked-do you have a reason for miscarrying? Like a clotting issue or anything?

    Sweet picture!

    1. I have loved checking Instagram to get your updates, God is so good and I love hearing how He is working in bringing your son home.
      They never did find out exactly why we miscarried so many times. My ob/gyn thinks it may be due to a clotting disorder that they have no ability to test for yet, when our girls get older we will have some clotting tests done for them. It's amazing to think of the ups and downs our family has had getting to where we are now but I see His hand at work. I feel so blessed by my children and for the lessons He taught me during this time of intense heartache. It's always interesting to look back and see how things work just right for His purpose even though we cannot see the purpose for the suffering at the time.
      Sorry for the book, God has been pressing this upon my heart lately. So many thoughts about the beauty in His ways. Much love to you, xo