Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happiness Week, Day: 3

Well folks, here we are almost half way through our Happiness or Gratitude Week and I have to say that I have spent more time thinking about the positives going on rather than the negatives.
So far I would call this a success!
How about you, have you been noticing any changes so far?
Let's hop right into business:

1. Family Movie Night: normally we will make a pizza {or three, holy smokes our kids eat A LOT} and watch a movie together.
Tonight was a bit different, K stopped by the store and picked up a smorgesboard of things to make, we had Lee lay towels down in the living room and we watching the season finale of Duck Dynasty.
Good times.
K's beard has been getting kind of long lately and the girls are begging him to grow a "Duck Dynasty" beard.
It's awesome.
I need to take some pics and show you guys.

2. Abby has been extra lovey lately and I'll take it.
Homegirl is a true 3 year old, mood swings galore.
Attitude for days, sassiness that cannot be matched and over the top hilarious.
Today was full of hugs and kisses, leg hugs and I love you's.
It's so much nicer than the temper tantrums, the no's! and tears.
Happy Abby = a very happy Mama

3. School is almost over and summer is upon us.
{Ha, I write that while we are expecting more snow!}
Adison will be home all day, yippee!
It's hard to believe that the pool will be open soon and the smell of chlorine and sunscreen will fill our days.
I'm ready for no alarm clocks, for lazy mornings lounging in pj's and afternoons at the pool.
All three girls are signed up for swimming lessons this year, we are getting those taken care of the first two weeks of June.
Come on Summer!

I had mentioned on Monday I think about the coconut popsicles that K got for me and here they are.
He got me some more tonight so this was my dessert, delish!

Happy Thursday lovelies, I'll see y'all tomorrow!


  1. Oh YUM. I was at Target yesterday and noticed some coconut popsicles. I assumed they were what you were talking about but I couldn't really check them out because some people were, apparently, making some very difficult life choices RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE FREEZER. But, I could tell enough that these aren't the same things. I'm checkin' these out.

  2. Ahh! I'm so excited for summer! I can't wait to hear what awesome adventures you guys go on this summer. Swimming lessons are always fun! And it is so cute how much of a family unit you guys are. It is very refreshing. Also, those popsicle's look to delicious!!