Friday, August 30, 2013

Adios Summer

Summer is almost over.
There, I've said it.
I've uttered those four dreadful words.
Over. Finished. Done.

This Summer has been a good one.
Scratch that, I'd go so far and say glorious.
An A+ in fact.
Sure, we've had some rough days but overall it was kind to us.

Swimming, swimming and more swimming.
Parks, picnics, playing with friends, ice cream and sleeping in.

This Summer could possible win the award for my most favorite thus far.
This afternoon, after picking up the big girls from school we are hitting the pool for the last time this year.
I'm planning on staying until they kick us out.
We're going to swim until we turn pruney and the kids are all but BEGGING to leave.

Thanks for your warm days, sunny skies and fun we've had.
A very grateful mom

P.S. could you please keep the bugs away next year? I could do without the mosquitos, chiggers, horseflies and such. xo

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A last and two firsts

School has started.
I'm still trying to let that sink in.
School has started and the oh so busy schedule has started as well.
Can't we have summer for a bit longer?
Pretty please??

These two girls were SOOOOOO excited for school to start.
They both had picked out their first day of school outfits roughly five days before school started.
I think they looked pretty spiffy personally.

This girl is in her last year of elementary school.
She's one of the big kids on campus.
5th grade, I cannot believe it.
I swear she was a kindergartner yesterday.
Adison is so excited because this year they get to do band or strings.
She's really hoping to do violin, we should find out next week.
I'll keep you posted.

Ainsley started kindergarten.
Again, I feel like just yesterday she was a little 9 month old going with me to take Adison to kindergarten.
She had been pretty nervous but then we found out that she was going to have Adison's kindergarten teacher as her teacher as well.
I was beyond pleased.
We also had Sneak Peek the day evening before school started and that really got her pumped.
She was so cute getting her backpack all ready and packing her lunch.
It was a riot watching her pick out her backpack and lunch bag {she picked Hello Kitty, shocker!}.

I couldn't leave Miss Abby out of the first day of school pics.
My girls are growing up!

She held it together so well and then the tears started falling.
I knew they were coming because she had her little hands on her face.
When the dam first broke she had both hands on her little cheeks, that's a tell tale sign that Lee is going to lose it.
I held it together until she didn't, I managed to get teary but never actually cry.
It was so hard to keep it together, I knew this day would be hard for my little home-body, mama-loving girl.
She was so brave though you guys and her little excited face when school got out was priceless.
She told me in the van on the way home, "I cried because I missed you, then I forgot about you and didn't cry."

Poor Abby.
That first day that both of her sisters were gone was a tough one.
She kept telling me, "I want to stay home, I don't want to go anywhere without my sisters."
Cue the heartbreak, I felt so bad for this girl.
We met up with some friends at the library who knew that Miss Abby was having a hard time without her sisters, especially Ainsley.
I just love good friends that surround you and your children.

A week after the older two girls started school, Abby started preschool.
After the epic meltdown and shutdown that homegirl had at a preschool screening we decided to hold off on the whole preschool thing.
This shy girl wanted to stay at home which was fine by me, she's three.
She can stay by my side, no problems!
But then, one of my dear friends, Sarah, invited Abby to join her daughter in some homeschool preschool.
Let me tell ya, despite some tears the morning of before we left the house, she LOVED it!
Not a tear nor a turn of the head as I left happened.
She was a rockstar!
I feel like this is the exact right place for her to be, doing school with one of her best little friends and her mama who loves my girl so much.
It's perfection.

So, here we are, back at it.
Signing planners, looking at papers, making sure homework is done and lunches are packed.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

She's not a napper

Homegirl does not nap, we'll hardly ever naps and if she does its for 3 minutes in the car.

Trust me when I say that it doesn't lend itself to a fun evening.

Today the older girls are at a friends house (I'm best friends with the mom and the girls are best friends with her two daughters, it's awesome) which means that the house is eerily quiet.

We've had a quiet afternoon that has been punctuated with hugs and requests for peanut butter crackers.

I went into the kitchen a little while ago to make dinner and Abby up and fell asleep!

She's been sleeping for almost 45 minutes (shocking!).

I haven't been extra quiet or anything but she's still out like a light.

I wonder how quickly she'll wake up after her sisters walk in the door?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Counting down

We are in countdown mode for school starting.
I'm not ready, not ready at all.
Summer could go on for a few more months for all I care.

1. I haven't done ANY back to school shopping yet.
Zero, zilch, nada
I'm in denial y'all, school can't be starting yet, it simply can't.

2. It's been raining so much lately.
I finally mowed our lawn tonight and I lost count as to how many times the mower died because the grass was so long.
It was bad, really bad.
Now it's done though.

3. My mom is coming in town on Friday!
Woo to the hoo!
I'm beyond excited, this is a nice countdown to have.

4. My latest snack indulgence lately has been hummus with black bean and garlic chips, so freakin' good.

5. I'm headed to bed, sorry this is so short and random, I'm ex-haust-ed.