Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Counting down

We are in countdown mode for school starting.
I'm not ready, not ready at all.
Summer could go on for a few more months for all I care.

1. I haven't done ANY back to school shopping yet.
Zero, zilch, nada
I'm in denial y'all, school can't be starting yet, it simply can't.

2. It's been raining so much lately.
I finally mowed our lawn tonight and I lost count as to how many times the mower died because the grass was so long.
It was bad, really bad.
Now it's done though.

3. My mom is coming in town on Friday!
Woo to the hoo!
I'm beyond excited, this is a nice countdown to have.

4. My latest snack indulgence lately has been hummus with black bean and garlic chips, so freakin' good.

5. I'm headed to bed, sorry this is so short and random, I'm ex-haust-ed.


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