Friday, July 29, 2011

Five Question Friday!!!

1. Vow renewal ceremonies-yay or nay?
I like the idea of a vow renewal, I have talked with hubby about doing one someday, many years down the road to celebrate a big anniversary :)
2. What sound/s annoy you the most?
The sound of people chomping with food in their mouths. My parents were sticklers about this and I think that it wore off on me.
Silverware scraping on plates, usually it's just on my Fiestaware that it bothers me though, ha ha!
3. If you had to pick, would you have only all boys, or only all girls for kids?
Seeing as I already have all girls I would stick with that answer.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, boys would be fun to have too, but I've got girls and I love it!
4. Do you believe in alternative medicine?
To some degree, yes.
I think there are some things that work really well but for others I would rather see a doctor for.
5. Would you take a family members children and raise them if they needed it?
Yes, without a doubt.
I love my family and if they needed us to raise their children I would willingly and gladly do that.


It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday!

Head on over to Life.rearranged and share you cell phone pics from the last week :)
life rearranged

How cute are is this bike helmet!?!
They were so much fun, Lee kinda liked it.
This was a much better face than what she gave for the bunny one, yikes!
Adison had a blast trying on the helmets, what a trooper :)

Our new book for small group.
It is supposed to be really good.
I have only made it through part of the introduction...need to get reading!

Yesterday I painted rainbow fingers {for the bigs} and rainbow toes for all the girls.
They thought it was so much fun.
Abby kept doing her "fancy dance" she liked her toes so much.

Last night while K and I were making dinner, I turned around to see this.
Miss Abigail was sneaking some black beans!
She is not only quick but stealthy.
{and apparently doesn't mind getting caught, ha ha!}

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

The Good: We got all of Adison's school supplies already, such a relief. Last year I waited too long and ended up having to go to three different stores to get everything. K and I watched The King's Speech on Sunday, it was his first time seeing it and he liked it! Abby is talking so much more and has even started saying 2 -3 word sentences. Painting all three girls' nails rainbow colors was a blast! I mentioned on Monday that my sorority sister's daughter was supposed to have surgery on Tuesday. The surgery got bumped to today, I just checked on Facebook, the surgery is complete and a success! Praise the Lord! I also mentioned Miss Annabelle on Monday. Today her mom posted that they removed Annabelle's breathing tube! They are still trying to figure out what is going on with Miss A but she is doing better, such an answer to prayers!

The Bad: the bigs have been bickering a lot lately. It's hard for them and hard for mama. My insomnia was in full force at the beginning of the week but is getting better. I ran out of coffee creamer this morning, EEK, but K brought some home this evening, whew! Not really anything "bad", I take that as a "good" thing.

The Funny: Listening to all three girls laugh while playing after dinner. Adison was pretending to be a tickle monster and was tickling the little girls. It was precious. Abby was doing this hysterical dance tonight, she is a riot! Ainsley's excitement for life. She is excited about EVERYTHING! Church, taking a bath, snack time, going to the store, pretty much everything. It is so cute and funny!

I painted rainbows today

on twenty little fingers  
Abby didn't get fingers painted, she still gnaws on them :)

and on thirty little toes

and they waited so patiently for their tootsies to dry.

Tonight I will be back to do this!

I hope you are having a wonderful day :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Called Colin Firth

I have a love for Colin Firth.
I may or may not jokingly refer to him as my "British Boyfriend."
I mean, who doesn't though, right?

Sunday afternoon while Abby was napping and the bigs were watching a movie together, K popped in a flick.
I didn't see what he had picked out.
Below is a conversation that K and I had:

Me: What are we watching?
K: A movie.
Me: We are watching Colin Firth.
{I proclaimed after watching the previews, I know my Colin Firth flicks.}
K: That's not the name of the movie.
Me: All movies with Colin Firth in them are called Colin Firth.
K: Ah I see, you're weird.

We watched The King's Speech.
I LOVE the movie and have watched it several time.
K hadn't seen it yet, it was his first time and he said that he really liked it.

Bummer part though, after watching it I really wanted to watch Pride and Prejudice and I can't. find. it. anywhere.
Highly disappointing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A snapshot of Abby

~K and I often comment on how happy we are that she is our third. This time around we are so much more relaxed and calm about things that we can truly enjoy what a sweet little thing Abby is.

~She is the most independent and stubborn of our three children, hands down. She wins that one.
Ex. She will NOT let you feed her...AT ALL...under no circumstances.
I have given up on it and just let her do it.
She may get really messy and dirty, oh well, that is what baths and washing machines are for.

~She has the best laugh, it is kind of low and scratchy.

~She is really shy around pretty much everyone except for us.
When people hear her talk or laugh we always get comments on how sweet she sounds.
People are always shocked at how silly and goofy she is since she is always so shy.

~She is VERY bossy but has such a sweet nurturing side to her.
Abby likes to tell people what to do {or not to do} but she is very caring.
If you are crying she will more than likely walk up to you and rub your back or give you a hug.
She also likes to say, "Go go" and try to usher people around.
It's hysterical.

~She likes to talk to herself.
More often than not when in the car she will be chatting/laughing away.
It usually sounds something like this:
Ains-see, no no.
Ains-see, come here.
Lee Leeeeeeee.
Go go, Lee!
She likes to tell Ainsley what to do a lot, probably because Ainsley likes to boss her around.

~She looks up to Adison.
She goes to Adison for help a lot.
Ad-da, help, pease {please}.
A-da-seen!!! Help.

~She likes to boss around the cats.
Go Go
Zo Zo, go
Kitty kitty, go go.
She also likes to usher them around using either her bum or stomach.
I've got to get it on video, it's hysterical.

~She is starting to sing Twinkle Twinkle

~She is praying.

~She loves to dance, especially her "fancy dance"

~She is OBSESSED with shoes.

~She loves cheese, it's actually a bit of a problem.
She is obsessed with getting in the fridge to get it.

~She and Ainsley are starting to play together.
They laugh a lot and chase each other around.
They also fight a lot too.

~She is a leg kid.
She is constantly hiding behind and hugging our legs.
{I secretly really love it.}

~She is the smallest of our kids at this age, which is funny because she was our biggest at birth.

~She has all of us wrapped around her little finger.

~She loves country music, especially Lady Antebellum.

~Her favorite food seems to be Mexican {atta girl!}

~She has the best facial expressions and has a great sense of humor.

Speaking of the littlest princess, I am going to play with her and her two sisters.

Have a blessed day lovelies!

Monday, July 25, 2011

On my heart and mind

1. Miss Annabelle, please continue praying for her. She is still in the hospital on the ventilator. They are waiting for some results to come back, but as of now they don't know what is going on. Krista {Mom} has some specific prayer requests on the new blog post.

2. My sorority sister's daughter, Amelia, is having heart surgery tomorrow. Her precious daughter was born with Downs Syndrome and will be having aorta reconstruction and pulmonary band. Lynda and Wade have set up a Caring Bridge Page for Amelia.

 Not too much going on otherwise.
Keeping busy.

This weekend we got all of Adison's school supplies.
Yep, this means that school is starting soon.
On one hand I am so ready to have a routine again and on the other hand I am dreading that routine.
Yes, confusing.

We had small group tonight.
It was such a wonderful time and I love sharing life with such great people.
Abby was actually not being shy towards the end and acted like her usual goofy self, ha ha.
The couple that host our small group had cupcakes tonight for dessert, yes, that made me oh so happy.
I am really hoping that our book that we will be studying comes in the mail tomorrow :)

Because I share all with you, I thought that I would share an oh so graceful moment with you:
I was walking into the living room {not watching where I was walking, of course} when I looked down and saw a toy on the floor. In an effort not step on said toy THAT HAD WHEELS ON IT, I attempted to turn the other way and kicked a wooden half-wall that is in between the living room and dining room. It tore off a portion of my toenail and actually bruised the nail itself, ouch. 


Sunday, July 24, 2011

How attached are you to your hair?

No, I don't mean physically, ha ha!
I mean in a metal/emotional sense.

I have always chopped off my hair.
I tend to grow it long then any time I get stressed or bored I cut it.
I think *chop* it is a better word.
I don't normally trim my hair, I CUT it.

Here is a perfect example.
While I was planning K & I's wedding my family was growing through a lot of things.
Not only was the planning stressful but my life at the time was stressful.
I did what most other brides do, I was growing out my hair so I could have a beautiful hairstyle.
BUT, guess what I did right before our wedding?
Yep, you guessed it, I chopped my hair off.

Any time I get bored with my hair/look I *HAVE* to cut or color my hair.
I really like coloring my hair, I have pretty much done every natural hair color and even had some highlights placed that were not so natural in their color, think crayon red.

What got me on this topic though is how many people when they find out that I chopped my hair off ask me if I was nervous or concerned about getting it done.
Nope, not one bit.
Well, other than wanting to like how it looked I wasn't concerned.

The lady that cut my hair this last time was very nervous about doing it.
She asked me at least a dozen times if I was sure that I wanted to do this.
If I really wanted my hair that short.
Yes, yes I want it like that and that short.
She said that people kind of freak out a bit when they cut that much hair off and she wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to regret it.

People who have known me for a while though have come to expect this sort of thing.
It's not that surprising at all.

I have actually always wanted to go shorter, like a pixie cut, but that intimidates me.
I think that I would really have to psych myself up for it.

I really would like to know though, does getting your haircut make you nervous?
Do you like drastically changing your hair?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday evening ramblings

I took this on the way down to my Mom's house a few weeks ago.

First off I would like to thank everyone for lifting Annabelle up in prayer. Her mom, Krista, wrote about their terrifying day and how everything is going now. Annabelle is stable, they are still trying to figure out what is going on with her. Please continue to lift her, her family and her doctors up in prayer.

We had church this evening and little Ainsley couldn't have been more excited. She asked for several hours this afternoon if it was time to go. That makes me so happy to hear. Abby did GREAT in the nursery this evening! Yippee! Adison was so excited, one of her best buddies was there tonight, they squealed when they saw one another. {Girls are so much fun!} Church was wonderful. We were studying Philippians 4: 10-13 and finding our contentment in Christ. K and I both agreed that tonight's service was amazing and very convicting. We laughed about it though because we pretty much say that every time, ha ha!

We got back in town yesterday evening just fine. I was slightly worried about the drive because of all of the construction, but everything was a-okay. Abby slept about half of the way home and the bigs and I talked about our cats.

We went out for lunch today with my dad and step-mom. It was a really nice time. I love having *most* of my family here in town. {My mom & step-dad{who's bday was yesterday} live about two hours to the south of us.} My brother, sister-in-law and niece live in town as well.

I was super psyched, at Target today I got Abby a pair of sandals for $3.24!!! Yep, that's right! I love scoring a deal like that!

We are planning on doing Adison's back to school shopping tomorrow. We got her school calendar in the mail so I spent part of this evening putting everything in my phone. I can't believe that school is starting soon! I think it starts in about 3 1/2 weeks.

I have written about Miss Getty before. Getty has a disease called SMA1. Her parents are doing all they can to find a cure for this awful disease. Please check out their blog to find about a great idea called "Tell 5!"

The kids are all in bed, I am watching some HGTV and my mind is just wandering. I really want to work harder on being completely content. To give everything to Christ and rest secure in Him. I told K tonight that I really felt this when we were going through all of our miscarriages. Then we couldn't have done life ourselves, we HAD to rely on Him. Now that we aren't going through that {hellooooo hysterectomy} it's almost as if I have taken it all back. Well, not *all* but I have in some sense. I need to get back to contentment, to relying on and to giving everything to Him. That is what I am really going to work on. Our pastor tonight talked about a bunch of situations that we try to take control of in our lives. The one that really got me is parenting. I need to give up the stress and worrying and give it to Christ. 

Miss Annabelle---Please Pray


I have written about Miss Annabelle before, this precious little girl was born with Congenital Heart Defects and received a heart transplant earlier this year.

Her sweet mama, Krista wrote a blog post yesterday about Annabelle having some issues that they weren't sure what was causing them. In a baby with a heart defect things are not straight forward. What could be a cold or stomach bug could easily be something much more scary such as rejection of her new heart.

This morning, on Twitter, Krista wrote that Annabelle was doing really bad and was being taken by ambulance to the hospital where they were going to lifeflight her to another hospital. They had to do CPR and ventilate her. She in now in the PICU, still on the vent and stable. They are trying to figure out what is going on with sweet little Annabelle.

Please join me in praying for her.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Can you believe it is Friday already!?!
This week has flown by!
I wasn't as good this week about taking pictures, but still have some to share :)
I take most of my pictures using InstaGram for iPhone but ANY cell phone pics will do.
Link up and share!
life rearranged

Ha ha, the name of the style of shoe is my name!
With a name like that you NEVER see it on anything, especially spelled that way.
Wait, I take it back, when Adison was around 3 I found a Cabbage Patch Kid named Danna.
Yes, I bought it...for her.

The pretty crystals on my in-laws chandelier.
I love them.
In the morning they cast rainbows all over the kitchen.

Hello my love, my precious.
Yep, coffee gets me going every morning and occasionally lends a hand in the afternoon.
I don't sleep well, it helps.

They now have Phineas & Ferb band-aids.
I saw them at Target and just couldn't leave them there.
They had to come home with me.
The kids couldn't wait to put them on.

Abby woke up yesterday with a serious case of bed head.
It was hysterical and she was all to happy to say, "CHEESE!" so I could snap a picture.
I couldn't stop laughing.

This granola is so good!
I love love love pumpkin seeds so when I saw this I was super excited.

Abby and I shared a bowl this morning.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Five Question Friday

1. If your husband had the BIG V and you got pregnant what would your first reaction be? For the dudes, what would your first reaction be if your wife told you she was pregnant after the Big V?
I think it would be shock, then shock and then more shock. Then probably disbelief and then probably excitement when I came to my senses and realized that this baby is obviously a very intended gift from God.
2. Best memory about this summer so far.
My favorite memory of summer so far is probably when we took the kids to get frozen yogurt last weekend. They were so happy and excited. They were having so much fun talking with each other. It made my mama's heart so happy.
3. How often do you change your sheets? Your kids sheets?
Not as often as I should, sorry Mom! I do it whenever I think of it or when necessary, you know when someone has an accident. I really do intend to do better with it. Sigh.
4. Having just gone through TSA, would you rather have a full-body scan or a pat-down?
Either. I understand people's reservations about both of them, but if that is what is needed to keep us safe then I understand. K and I flew with Adison and some of our family in the beginning of 2003. It was our first time since flying since our honeymoon in 2000, which we stayed in the U.S. While getting our tickets I was informed that my ticket was flagged {to this day I have no idea why, probably random?} so they were going to have to search me as well as those in my party {K and Adison}. They patted us down, we had to take off our shoes and everything. They even looked inside Adison's diaper she was about 8 months old. I was rather surprised that mine was flagged and we had to be patted down, but was/am okay with it. I want to feel safe while flying {which is already terrifying enough, eek!}.

5. Since it is fair time...what's your favorite fair (county or state) memory?
When I was a kid, probably 8 or so my parents took me to the fair and I won a goldfish. I named her Princess after Princess Peach in the Super Mario Games. I grew up in Oklahoma, so anytime we went to the fair they had a rodeo. I used to love going to watch them.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

I'm not home so I can't get my usual image.
Instead I decided to taunt both of us by showing you my most favorite cupcake {the kind you eat} of all time.

The Good: hearing the littles giggle and squeal after I had already put them to bed for the night. They were having such a good time together. Adison is blossoming into such a mature, thoughtful young lady. Spending the last three days with my SIL and nieces and nephew. I love hanging out with them! Talking to my hubby on the phone, yay for modern conveniences. Having a fun small group this week. Getting to spend some really great, fun quality time with my girls. Having such an amazing blogging community who lifts me up when I am having a trying time, YOU GUYS ROCK! Adison told me the other day: Mommy, thank you for encouraging me. I feel better now. Wow, it was such a wonderful gift that she gave me with saying this.

The Bad: the HEAT, oh my goodness, the HEAT! I just can't express enough how hot AND humid it is. It was still 104 degrees at almost 7:00 this evening. This is the worst summer we have had in a long time. Due to the heat we have pretty much been trapped indoors, we have ventured out a few times but have made sure to stay hydrated.

The Funny: Abby's language has been blossoming. It really is quite astonishing. The last few days she has been saying, "Ains-see {Ainsley} no no. Ains-see come here. Ains-see are you? {Where are you?}" It has been really funny and K has been able to hear here a few times on the phone. Ainsley talking on the phone before bed with K: Daddy! Stop talking like that.{He was talking with a silly voice.} Daddy, you are a puppy and an octopus. {I have no idea, ha ha!}

Some words

We have thoroughly enjoyed are time away from home.
The change of scenery and especially our time hanging out with the cousins and my sister-in-law has been just what was needed.
The kids haven't been fighting as much and Ainsley seems to be mellowing a bit.
It has been so nice chatting with Anna and just doing life together with our kiddos.

We are heading home tomorrow.
I am so ready to see K.
I really miss him and I know the kids have too.

Yesterday afternoon we braved the heat and went to Trader Joe's for the first time.
It had just opened and was PACKED.
It was seriously stressful as I had all the kids with me and there were people everywhere.
We picked up a few things and had fun looking at all the different things there.

This morning we {us + SIL + cousins} headed over to Target and had a blast.
We got some popcorn and the kids had a blast chomping on it and talking and holding hands.
Lee was affectionately calling two of her cousins "best friend".
Abby was so tired after our morning jaunt to Target that she slept through me carrying her upstairs AND changing her diaper.

I just realized that school starts really soon.
While I think it will be good to get into a routine again I really enjoy the fluidity of summer.
We basically do what we want to do when we want to.
Abby can nap whenever she wants to, Adison can sleep in a bit.
It's just a lot more relaxed.

Ugh, I am really tired.
Maybe that's why my creative juices aren't flowing...
I didn't sleep well last night and the girls got up EARLY.
I'm hoping to snap out of my creative funk right now so that I can write more entertaining posts.
Sorry for the bleh.

I *plan* on doing Good, Bad and Funny tonight.
Hopefully I will see you later :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A tale of two Ainsleys

This picture really struck me this morning as it seems to really reflect life with this spirited little miracle of mine. She is having such a juxtaposition of sweet and sassy. While, she is normally a mix of the two with equal proportions, lately however this is just not the case.

We have been seeing a lot more if the sassiness side of her personality. Not that it is awful or anything but boundaries are being challenged as never before. There are more temper tantrums and tears.

This leads me to the thought that she is growing up, changing and needing to know that the rules apply and how far they can be pushed. She is needing more than ever to know where things stand and what mama will allow. She is also needing more hugs, love and attention. She wants to talk about things and ask why.

I remember learning in one of my psych classes in college that children {even though they will rebel against them} like have boundaries and a set of rules/expectations. It helps them to feel secure while living in such a big world.

I have discovered in my 8 years of parenting that this is true.

But also that my children tend to really test during two specific times:
1. When they are about to have a big growth spurt.
2. When they are about to undergo big developmental changes.

There is the possibility that she is about to grow physically but I have a hunch that it is her mental development that is stretching. She seems older lately. I have been noticing that she has outgrown "toddler" and is really "preschooler" now. She has very interesting ideas about things and her sense of humor is exploding.

I guess that the point of this is to remind myself that this period will pass just as quickly as it came. That each and every moment she is getting older, maturing, changing. To really embrace this time, however difficult it may be, because our time with our children is limited. I really don't want to look back and see that I had hurried through difficult times simply because they were difficult. This time of growth and change is helping to mould the girl that she will become.

Even these "trying" times have their blessings.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oops, sorry

I made a promise that I didn't keep.
For that I have to say that I am sorry.

Yesterday I just couldn't do it.
I just didn't have it in me.
Yesterday was rough y'all.

Seriously a rough day.
I may or may not have cried.

I know that it is just kids being kids and they are learning boundaries and limits.
But sometimes it is hard.

When it came time to write about whatever presented itself yesterday I just couldn't.
I couldn't so I didn't.

I did, however, pray and asked God to renew my spirit.
And renew it He did.

Last night we had small group.
We have such amazing couples in our group.
Pretty quickly after we got there I could feel my spirit lighten and I felt like myself again.
The kids were happily playing and having a good time.
It was nice to see that joy and hear the laughter.

For the next couple of day the kids and I are hanging out at my in-law's house.
Poor K is at home.
Well, not technically, I mean he has to go to work.
But then comes home to a very quiet house.
Our home seems to be so loud with the sounds of children.
He told me last night that he misses us when we are gone.
I thought that was awfully sweet.

Today though has been a renewing day as well.
After getting in town and making a quick trip to my favorite store {they now have Phineas & Ferb Band-Aids!!! Yes, I bought some, he he} we met up with my sister-in-law {K's sister} and her kiddos.
The children had so much fun playing and Anna & I got to catch up a bit.
My plan while we are here is to hang out, enjoy the new scenery and hide from the weather.
My car said it was 108 this afternoon, I think I left some of my skin back on the seat.

Again, I am very sorry for not posting yesterday, especially after making a promise.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Night Randomness

This weekend was an odd one. I don't know if it's because we are essentially trapped in the house due to the heat or what. We are under an extreme heat warning, it's almost 8:00 {the post took a while to write, K and I watched a movie, he he} at night and the heat index is 108. It's only supposed to get hotter too, bleh.

~Yesterday K took Adison to see the new Harry Potter movie, they both loved it! We are big HP fans in our house, Adison is now reading the series.

~After church last night we took the kids to Orange Leaf, it's a new frozen yogurt place here in town. Abby and I were saving table so K took the big girls through the line. He got mine for me and he made some GOOD choices, snickerdoodle and wedding cake. Yum! They had really neat chairs that Abby was crawling through, it was really funny.

~ Funny Ainsley-isms:
K and Adison were doing her math flashcards. Lee then decided that she wanted to do flashcards too.
K: What is 2-2?
Lee: A unicorn?

K made coffee tonight and for some reason Lee decided that she wanted to smell it.
Lee: Your coffee smells like bears!
K: Really Ainsley? Have you smelled bears?
Lee: Yes I have.

~The girls and I went over to my dad and step-mom's the other day and the kids played outside in the sprinkler. I got some really fun photos that day.

~Lee was SUPER CRANKY today. Wow, it was insane how cantankerous she was. K snapped this photo of her while I was giving her "piggy tails."

No, believe it or not, she was not kidding. She was seriously this upset. Part of the reason she was so upset was that "my piggies are messed up!" Hence me fixing them.

~Yesterday after church we were driving in the car when I mentioned to K that the lady in the car next to us gave me the stink eye. The girls thought that was HYSTERICAL and for a while afterwards everything was giving us the stink eye. Kids hear and pick up EVERYTHING.

Okay, I promise I will have a better post tomorrow. I hope that everyone had a safe weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The best dinner

Okay, so the picture is simply awful.
In my defense the food looked so good that I couldn't wait to eat it.
Then I reheated leftovers for lunch, which again, looked so good that I couldn't help but eat it.
Hence, this sad, awful picture.

K found a recipe online for cilantro lime rice {similar to Chipotle's}.
This isn't the exact recipe he looked at.
{Plus, it's K and he doesn't really use recipes...EVER.}

Okay, back to it.
K called last night saying that he was going to stop by the grocery store to pick up ingredients for the already mentioned rice.

My mind quickly sprung to: 
frozen corn
black beans

After bringing home the supplies, K got to working on the rice.
We had leftover rice from a previous dinner so he prepped the lime and cilantro.
Add then got to mixing it all up.

I worked on the other stuff.
{super easy}

He bought the steam in the bag kind of corn so I cooked it according to the directions.
Next for the black beans all I did was drain and rinse them and tossed them in a glass bowl.
I then added the corn, mixed it and added some fresh cracked black pepper.

We also had some leftover grilled pork loin so K reheated it.

Next for the avocado.
I am a purest when it comes to avocados.
I love the way they taste and don't like to busy it up.

All I did was slice it, scope it, add salt and pepper {to taste} and mash it up with a fork.
So so so good.
We really like avocado so I used two.

We normally leave everything separate {you can kind of tell in the above picture} because the kids like putting food together.

*I* put the rice, corn/black bean combo and a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese in a bowl, mixed it up and put a generous amount some of the mashed avocado on top.

Adison added taco sauce.
K added salsa and pork.
Lee ate everything separate.
Abby mashed all of hers together.

Basically we all made it to taste and inhaled.
Then I repeated it at lunch.
If I'm being honest I am even considering some for dinner too.


We will definitely be making this again, I see it becoming a family favorite.


I'm testing a new app on my phone, let's see if this works!

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I use InstaGram pretty much everyday it seems.
I use it so much that I have pretty much avoided using my real camera because I love this app so much.
{Shh, I even converted my once anti-instagram hubby into a believer in it's goodness.}
life rearranged

 The girls taking a break from playing in the water.
It has been so incredibly hot here that we have to do all of our outside stuff in the morning.
The girls had a BLAST!

 Yes, I love Sonic.
I like to go in the morning a get a large Coke for $0.99.

 Dinner last night, it was delish.
Cilantro, lime rice with black bean, corn, some grilled pork loin and homemade guac.
It was so good I had some for lunch today too.

 My baby toddler enjoying her popsicle.
This was only her second one and she is a fan.

 Last weekend we visited K's parents.
They have lovely flowers.
As I have stated before, I have a brown thumb, so I really enjoyed their greenery.

We played a lot of games while we were there.
Clue was a BIG hit.
{Ha ha, no pun intended.}
Okay folks, it's your turn.
Head on over to Life.Rearranged and link up!
I would love to see your pics from this week.

Five Question Friday

1. If you knew your best friend's spouse was cheating on her or him, would you tell her (him)?

2. Soda in a can or a bottle?

3. What do you wash first, hair or body?

4. What advice would you give to any new mama?

5. What is your best hangover remedy?
1. Ouch, this is a tough question. I would tell them but I think it would be so hard. I would want my best friend to tell me it this was going on so I would of course do the same for them.
2. Between those two choices, I like my pop in a bottle. Now, I would *really* prefer to have a fountain drink. Preferably a large Coke from Sonic. Yum *sipping on the one I got this morning* slurp
3. I wash my hair first. I feel instantly better once that shampoo has touched my mop.
4. Enjoy every moment because it goes so fast. It seems like I just had Adison and she is now 8! Really enjoy your baby, don't worry about the house or whatever else. They only stay little for such a short amount of time. Soak up all that baby goodness.
5. Um, now it is to not drink that much. Ha! Seriously though, two ibuprofen and a big cup of water. The next morning grab a soda and eat whatever you can. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The lost tooth saga continues

For the beginning of the story look here.
That part of the story lead to this one.

K got a phone call a couple of weeks ago from his mom saying that they had found Adison's lost tooth at their house.
We were all pretty shocked and excited, I mean, what is the chance of finding this teeny tiny tooth in someone's house?
Apparently, in Adison's case, the chances were pretty good.

Today when I got the mail I saw that Adison had gotten an envelope from K's parents.
Adison looked confused and wondered what it could be.
I had a sneaking suspicion that it would be her tooth.

Inside was the sweetest note from K's mom to Adison and a plastic bag.
Adison read the note, lifted up the bag, looked at me and then asked:
Mommy, where's my tooth?


Lo and behold I look at the bag, it has a hole in it.
I got the envelope to look in it and nothing.

After I told her that she begged me to go look in the mailbox to see if it had fallen in there.

Poor Adison, I felt so bad for her.

I decided to look at the envelope and found a hole in the front of it and a hole in the back of it.


Her tooth is gone.
Yep, no where to be found.

Adison was mildly upset about it.
We decided to write the tooth fairy a note explaining the whole saga.
We can only hope that she will be satisfied with a note rather than a tooth.
I have a sneaking suspicion that a letter will suffice. 
*wink wink*

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do you ever not hit publish?

I have found that sometimes I don't hit publish after writing a post.
Normally it is a post that I have felt compelled to write that is either deep or too real to share.
You know the raw, emotional stuff that a lot of us like to pretend that it doesn't exist.
Other times I write something and then forget about it, oops.

Sometimes when struggling with what to write about I peruse all of those draft blogs.
I read them and wonder why I felt nervous about publishing them in the first place.
Then I chicken out AGAIN and leave them sitting there with the word draft next to it.

Sometimes I envision writing up a blog post forewarning everyone that I am going to publish all of my brain vomit all at once to then be free of it.
Or maybe scheduling them to post at like 3:00 in the morning.

It's not that I have anything scary or secretive in those posts, some of them are just boring nothings and others are the things that just feel really personal.

Here are a list of things that I have either chickened out of writing OR have written and never pushed publish:
Having some postpartum depression after having Abby.
Every time I hear a certain song I think of Emma.
I even wrote a post talking about politics *gasp*

Some posts are silly:
K cutting down a tree in our front yard and it looking like a totem pole.
Going swimsuit shopping for the first time in seven years.

Some of these are just things that I write and forget about.
Some of them though I hold close to my heart and protect, they just feel scary to let go of.

Does anyone else just not hit publish?


Oh, is it just me that does this?