Friday, July 15, 2011


I use InstaGram pretty much everyday it seems.
I use it so much that I have pretty much avoided using my real camera because I love this app so much.
{Shh, I even converted my once anti-instagram hubby into a believer in it's goodness.}
life rearranged

 The girls taking a break from playing in the water.
It has been so incredibly hot here that we have to do all of our outside stuff in the morning.
The girls had a BLAST!

 Yes, I love Sonic.
I like to go in the morning a get a large Coke for $0.99.

 Dinner last night, it was delish.
Cilantro, lime rice with black bean, corn, some grilled pork loin and homemade guac.
It was so good I had some for lunch today too.

 My baby toddler enjoying her popsicle.
This was only her second one and she is a fan.

 Last weekend we visited K's parents.
They have lovely flowers.
As I have stated before, I have a brown thumb, so I really enjoyed their greenery.

We played a lot of games while we were there.
Clue was a BIG hit.
{Ha ha, no pun intended.}
Okay folks, it's your turn.
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I would love to see your pics from this week.


  1. dinner looked fantastic. I really like the instagram app too. While the original camera phone pic may be subpar add a little insta-magic and all is GOOD.

  2. Instagram in one of my absolute fav apps too...I have been using it more than my real camera. Might become a problem when I get back into scrapbooking:-) Visiting from Life Rearranged...nice to meet you!