Sunday, July 10, 2011

I meant to post yesterday

I honestly meant to, I will throw a pinkie promise in there for good measure.
The problem was that my arch-nemesis showed it's ugly face again.
Yep, my apparent bff also known as insomnia is back.
Friday night I got about 4 hours of sleep.
If I had a newborn I would be thanking my lucky stars, but I don't.
I do however have 3 rambunctious children that need a fully operating mom.

I had my yearly exam the other day and my midwife said that my insomnia isn't related to my hysterectomy, it's just a coincidence.
Oh well, things could be much worse than a lack of sleep.
I seriously could do an entire insomnia post.

Back to yesterday though.

I was beat, just plain worn out.
We decided to head over to K's parent's house yesterday.
While K and his dad were hanging out with the big girls and Abby was napping I decided to hit the sack too.
I ended up sleeping for about an hour and a half.
When I awakened I was feeling ever so much better.
It was funny, when I woke up Napoleon Dynamite was on and it was at the dance scene at the end.
That part always makes me smile.

Last night we headed over to some friends of ours house.
We were friends in college.
Actually K introduced them and they in turn introduced us.
It is crazy to think that we have known each other for so long and now have a total of 5 kids between us.
It really was a great time.
We got home late though and the kids must have hit their second wind or something because they would not go to sleep.
The littles then woke up at 6:30 this morning and my father-in-law got up with them.
Thanks Bob!!!

We planned on staying inside most of the day at it was set to be a scorcher.
We were able to get out for a bit this morning though while Abby slept.
Poor girl was zonked after getting so little sleep last night.

Okay, so I just realized that this post is getting kind of long, random and rambly.
So, I will share this one picture because I love it and it feels kind of magical to me.
I will share more tomorrow.


  1. Cute photo!
    My husband has insomnia, too. For the past month, he's decided to quit trying to fight it, and he comes to bed around 3am. Last night, I begged him to come to bed with me because I'm tired of sleeping alone ;) He did, but I'm sure we'll be back to what has become the norm tonight.

  2. Sorry you are having insomnia troubles Danna! I have insomnia too but I don't have three little ones! So its a lot easier for me to deal with! I usually get to sleep around 4am and get a few hours straight if I am lucky! I am getting my c pap machine this week for sleep apnea I hope it helps my insomnia and headaches!