Monday, July 25, 2011

On my heart and mind

1. Miss Annabelle, please continue praying for her. She is still in the hospital on the ventilator. They are waiting for some results to come back, but as of now they don't know what is going on. Krista {Mom} has some specific prayer requests on the new blog post.

2. My sorority sister's daughter, Amelia, is having heart surgery tomorrow. Her precious daughter was born with Downs Syndrome and will be having aorta reconstruction and pulmonary band. Lynda and Wade have set up a Caring Bridge Page for Amelia.

 Not too much going on otherwise.
Keeping busy.

This weekend we got all of Adison's school supplies.
Yep, this means that school is starting soon.
On one hand I am so ready to have a routine again and on the other hand I am dreading that routine.
Yes, confusing.

We had small group tonight.
It was such a wonderful time and I love sharing life with such great people.
Abby was actually not being shy towards the end and acted like her usual goofy self, ha ha.
The couple that host our small group had cupcakes tonight for dessert, yes, that made me oh so happy.
I am really hoping that our book that we will be studying comes in the mail tomorrow :)

Because I share all with you, I thought that I would share an oh so graceful moment with you:
I was walking into the living room {not watching where I was walking, of course} when I looked down and saw a toy on the floor. In an effort not step on said toy THAT HAD WHEELS ON IT, I attempted to turn the other way and kicked a wooden half-wall that is in between the living room and dining room. It tore off a portion of my toenail and actually bruised the nail itself, ouch. 


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  1. I think you may be almost a clumsy as me :) I am always falling, tripping and injuring myself. It is really silly! Glad you had a nice group.