Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

I'm not home so I can't get my usual image.
Instead I decided to taunt both of us by showing you my most favorite cupcake {the kind you eat} of all time.

The Good: hearing the littles giggle and squeal after I had already put them to bed for the night. They were having such a good time together. Adison is blossoming into such a mature, thoughtful young lady. Spending the last three days with my SIL and nieces and nephew. I love hanging out with them! Talking to my hubby on the phone, yay for modern conveniences. Having a fun small group this week. Getting to spend some really great, fun quality time with my girls. Having such an amazing blogging community who lifts me up when I am having a trying time, YOU GUYS ROCK! Adison told me the other day: Mommy, thank you for encouraging me. I feel better now. Wow, it was such a wonderful gift that she gave me with saying this.

The Bad: the HEAT, oh my goodness, the HEAT! I just can't express enough how hot AND humid it is. It was still 104 degrees at almost 7:00 this evening. This is the worst summer we have had in a long time. Due to the heat we have pretty much been trapped indoors, we have ventured out a few times but have made sure to stay hydrated.

The Funny: Abby's language has been blossoming. It really is quite astonishing. The last few days she has been saying, "Ains-see {Ainsley} no no. Ains-see come here. Ains-see are you? {Where are you?}" It has been really funny and K has been able to hear here a few times on the phone. Ainsley talking on the phone before bed with K: Daddy! Stop talking like that.{He was talking with a silly voice.} Daddy, you are a puppy and an octopus. {I have no idea, ha ha!}


  1. Oh that cupcake looks so good!! I love the good bad and funny posts they always make me smile!

  2. No fair (on the cupcake pic)! Now I want one... hehehe. Stay cool! It's been brutal here too.