Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A snapshot of Abby

~K and I often comment on how happy we are that she is our third. This time around we are so much more relaxed and calm about things that we can truly enjoy what a sweet little thing Abby is.

~She is the most independent and stubborn of our three children, hands down. She wins that one.
Ex. She will NOT let you feed her...AT ALL...under no circumstances.
I have given up on it and just let her do it.
She may get really messy and dirty, oh well, that is what baths and washing machines are for.

~She has the best laugh, it is kind of low and scratchy.

~She is really shy around pretty much everyone except for us.
When people hear her talk or laugh we always get comments on how sweet she sounds.
People are always shocked at how silly and goofy she is since she is always so shy.

~She is VERY bossy but has such a sweet nurturing side to her.
Abby likes to tell people what to do {or not to do} but she is very caring.
If you are crying she will more than likely walk up to you and rub your back or give you a hug.
She also likes to say, "Go go" and try to usher people around.
It's hysterical.

~She likes to talk to herself.
More often than not when in the car she will be chatting/laughing away.
It usually sounds something like this:
Ains-see, no no.
Ains-see, come here.
Lee Leeeeeeee.
Go go, Lee!
She likes to tell Ainsley what to do a lot, probably because Ainsley likes to boss her around.

~She looks up to Adison.
She goes to Adison for help a lot.
Ad-da, help, pease {please}.
A-da-seen!!! Help.

~She likes to boss around the cats.
Go Go
Zo Zo, go
Kitty kitty, go go.
She also likes to usher them around using either her bum or stomach.
I've got to get it on video, it's hysterical.

~She is starting to sing Twinkle Twinkle

~She is praying.

~She loves to dance, especially her "fancy dance"

~She is OBSESSED with shoes.

~She loves cheese, it's actually a bit of a problem.
She is obsessed with getting in the fridge to get it.

~She and Ainsley are starting to play together.
They laugh a lot and chase each other around.
They also fight a lot too.

~She is a leg kid.
She is constantly hiding behind and hugging our legs.
{I secretly really love it.}

~She is the smallest of our kids at this age, which is funny because she was our biggest at birth.

~She has all of us wrapped around her little finger.

~She loves country music, especially Lady Antebellum.

~Her favorite food seems to be Mexican {atta girl!}

~She has the best facial expressions and has a great sense of humor.

Speaking of the littlest princess, I am going to play with her and her two sisters.

Have a blessed day lovelies!


  1. I have to say the 3rd child is the most special (Ha I am the 3rd in my family) She is so adorable! I need to see the video of her bossing the kitties around there is noting cuter than a kid/cat video!

  2. She is so sweet and lovely! Not that all of your girls aren't..but she's just still in the inbetween baby and big girl phase..and it's adorable! I love it!

    I'm so glad you write this stuff down..because I love reading it..but it's also such an awesome record of these things when they're older and are curious about what they were like when they were younger! :)