Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

The Good: We got all of Adison's school supplies already, such a relief. Last year I waited too long and ended up having to go to three different stores to get everything. K and I watched The King's Speech on Sunday, it was his first time seeing it and he liked it! Abby is talking so much more and has even started saying 2 -3 word sentences. Painting all three girls' nails rainbow colors was a blast! I mentioned on Monday that my sorority sister's daughter was supposed to have surgery on Tuesday. The surgery got bumped to today, I just checked on Facebook, the surgery is complete and a success! Praise the Lord! I also mentioned Miss Annabelle on Monday. Today her mom posted that they removed Annabelle's breathing tube! They are still trying to figure out what is going on with Miss A but she is doing better, such an answer to prayers!

The Bad: the bigs have been bickering a lot lately. It's hard for them and hard for mama. My insomnia was in full force at the beginning of the week but is getting better. I ran out of coffee creamer this morning, EEK, but K brought some home this evening, whew! Not really anything "bad", I take that as a "good" thing.

The Funny: Listening to all three girls laugh while playing after dinner. Adison was pretending to be a tickle monster and was tickling the little girls. It was precious. Abby was doing this hysterical dance tonight, she is a riot! Ainsley's excitement for life. She is excited about EVERYTHING! Church, taking a bath, snack time, going to the store, pretty much everything. It is so cute and funny!


  1. I love reading this post every week! It never fails to make me smile! Aren't three year olds the best thing ever! My three year old nephew just melts me when ever we hang out his every sentence begins with "Guess what Auntie" all excited like he has big news! It is so adorable!

  2. Aw. your girls sound so sweet!! And, Grant has a zest for life, too. Seriously! A sucker gets the same reaction as a brand new bike would. :) I love it.