Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day!
I hope that you all are having/have had a wonderful day.
We went down to visit my mom and step-dad yesterday and spent the night.

My two uncles and their families came down for my brother's wedding and they headed down to Mom's too.
We spent the majority of today hanging out with the family.

I am so excited about the first pic!
 All three girls looking at the camera AND smiling!
It feels like a gift!
I set this one as the wallpaper on my phone, I love it!
{Adison's dress is actually blue.}

 K and I trying to stay cool in the shade.

 This is my mom and my step-dad.
We had so much fun staying at their house.
It was so nice to chat and hang out with my family.
I also got to meet my cousin's sweet little baby boy, he is adoreable!

This sweet little girl finally had her fill of wedding/familiy extravaganza.
The girls did amazing with all of the busyness of the last four days.
Today they hit the exhaustion wall.
There were more than a few temper tantrums, tears and screams.
Lee fell asleep minutes after leaving my mom's house and slept over two hours.
This. never. happens. ever.

I hope that you all are having a wonderful day.
We aren't doing fireworks tonight, the kids are just too tired.
But as I lay here, I can hear them going off outside.
I am so proud of our country, of our service members and so very proud to be an American.


  1. I love your hair, Danna. doesn't it feel great to not have all that hair to wash and then dry?

  2. That first picture of your girls is PERFECT! Oh my gosh, I absolutely love it. They all look sooo beautiful and happy and it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy : )