Saturday, July 23, 2011

Miss Annabelle---Please Pray


I have written about Miss Annabelle before, this precious little girl was born with Congenital Heart Defects and received a heart transplant earlier this year.

Her sweet mama, Krista wrote a blog post yesterday about Annabelle having some issues that they weren't sure what was causing them. In a baby with a heart defect things are not straight forward. What could be a cold or stomach bug could easily be something much more scary such as rejection of her new heart.

This morning, on Twitter, Krista wrote that Annabelle was doing really bad and was being taken by ambulance to the hospital where they were going to lifeflight her to another hospital. They had to do CPR and ventilate her. She in now in the PICU, still on the vent and stable. They are trying to figure out what is going on with sweet little Annabelle.

Please join me in praying for her.

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  1. Thanks for blogging about this sweet girl praying!!