Friday, July 8, 2011


It's Friday, it's Friday!
This has been a bit of a tough week so the weekend being this close is exciting!

Head on over to Life. rearranged and join in the cell phone picture fun!
life rearranged

Adison has been working on cartwheels a lot lately.
She is can do them really well, we are just working on getting that right leg straight.
Adison is one of those super driven people that has to keep working on something until it is mastered.
This one is a little out of focus, sorry.
This is Ainsley's treasure box.
Yes, it is a Fisher Price Barn circa the 1970's.
She keeps all of her precious items in it.
Lee loves babies.
Seriously loves them.
This little cutie is my cousin's little boy.
I don't even know how that makes them related...any guesses?

I love this picture.
The end.
Abby really got the whole "relaxing at Grandma's" thing down.
How cute is this little chair!?!
It's just her size.
My mom has three of them and Abby was pulling them all around and trying them all out.
We live in Kansas, although the weather can be horrific the landscape is beautiful.
It only took me 10 or so years to really appreciate the beauty.
This is some beautiful pasture land on the way down to my mom & step-dad's house.

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  1. I LOVE the barn. I had one when I was little. I loved how it moo-ed when you opened the door. They have new one for this generation that isn't nearly as cool. But, I bought it for my nephew anyway.