Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I bit it again, sigh

I choose to blame the grass, because again, it can't be my fault.
I just feel like I should place some blame before I get into my clumsiness poor choice of where to walk.
It's the morning of the wedding and I was all gussied up for pictures.
 Abby and I pre-wedding, all gussied up.
My shoes.
Beautiful backyard where the wedding was held.
{This is the rehearsal.}
Okay, I just felt like I needed to set the scene a bit.

So...back to the story.

The wedding photos are being taken and I went back in the house to do something.
I wish that I could remember what I was doing although it's not important.

I finished up doing whatever it was and I was heading back down towards where the photos were being taken.
While walking my gussied up self down the aisle I bit it.
Not a little bit, not even a slight bit.
Like, totally bit it.
I ended up on all fours in the grass in my fancy dress while wearing my fancy shoes.
Yep, it was such a graceful moment.
One that I am sure that you all wish that you could have seen.
You know for the support, not to laugh.
Because laughing would not be supportive, although you could have because I was laughing at myself.

I promptly look up to see who saw my demise.
Believe it or not NO ONE SAW it!
I have no idea how I was so lucky, but with easily twenty people there not one person saw me fall.
Of course, after it happened I told everyone and then we all laughed.

I quickly remembered the fancy dress that I was wearing and checked to make sure that there were no grass stains on it and there weren't!
There was a stain on my shoes, but you couldn't see it.

I promptly looked down to see what I had tripped on {because it couldn't be my fault of course}.
It turns out that I had tripped on a clump of grass and it's roots.
Yep, that's me and so very typical of something that I would do.

You would think that I would have learned my lesson, right?

Right before the wedding started I had to run back outside to get something, my flowers I think.
Goodness, I am losing my memory FAST.
While I was rushing back into the house I tripped AGAIN ON THE EXACT. SAME. SPOT.

Who does that?
Well, me obviously.

This time I managed not to fall on all fours in front of pretty much all of the guests.
I instead managed to rip a large chunk of skin off of my toe and needed a band-aid.
I had to ask the mother of the bride, you know, because she wasn't busy or anything.
I felt so bad, there was so much going on.

Anyways, all was well and I renewed my clumsiness card not once but twice in one morning.
Yay me!

Oh yeah, that reminds me of what happened the night before.
{Sorry for such a long post.}

We were at the reception site the night before getting everything prepped.

We were putting the skirts on the tables.

K and I are usually a really good team.
We were opening the bags that had the table skirts in them and had a pretty good routine going.
I held the hanger and the bottom of the bag while K cut the bag open with a {sharp} knife.
We had done it two times already and were about to open the third bag.
I went to reach for the bottom of the bag at the same time as K started cutting it and I put my hand directly in the path of the knife.
K and I immediately pulled our hands back in time that I just had a little cut on my finger but ouch.
Yep, I had to ask the mother of the bride for a band-aid because I didn't have one.
Poor Nancy, I just keep bothering her for band-aids.
Sorry I keep hurting myself Nancy and for being so sweet!


  1. I am the same way! I fall at least once a month that is not normal for an adult!! I am glad you are OK though and didn't lose any fingers!

  2. LOL! If I'd been there I would have been Ohhh so supportive and not laughed, but since I wasn't...hahahahahahaha!! ;-)

  3. I so would have laughed. Not because you hurt yourself, but because it is something I totally would have done myself. Then of course I would have rushed to help you out. Glad you didn't get your hand cut off.

  4. That would have so been me, but i know I would have cried.....What a blessing no one saw, I'm glad you are ok :)

  5. I think I would have cried, too!! But, glad you were okay, and I would have done the exact same thing. It rip all the time! And, LOVE your dress. Beautiful. <3