Friday, July 29, 2011


It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday!

Head on over to Life.rearranged and share you cell phone pics from the last week :)
life rearranged

How cute are is this bike helmet!?!
They were so much fun, Lee kinda liked it.
This was a much better face than what she gave for the bunny one, yikes!
Adison had a blast trying on the helmets, what a trooper :)

Our new book for small group.
It is supposed to be really good.
I have only made it through part of the introduction...need to get reading!

Yesterday I painted rainbow fingers {for the bigs} and rainbow toes for all the girls.
They thought it was so much fun.
Abby kept doing her "fancy dance" she liked her toes so much.

Last night while K and I were making dinner, I turned around to see this.
Miss Abigail was sneaking some black beans!
She is not only quick but stealthy.
{and apparently doesn't mind getting caught, ha ha!}


  1. So glad I found your blog via InstaFriday!! Adding to my list! Come visit me :)


  2. That is the cutest and funnest bike helmet:-) And my daughter loves rainbow toes too!

  3. Love that bike helmet, and the adorable model.

  4. Love the fingernails! So fun!

  5. I came here from LIfeRearranged. Cute pics! I'm going to join this instafriday craze next week! I think I need to clean off my cell phone camera...

  6. Hi Danna!
    You have a sneaky cutie right there! :)
    Thanks for stopping by via Life Rearranged. See you again next Friday :)