Friday, December 13, 2013

Right now: december 13

Right now:

--I'm snuggling my friends' little boy- he's incredibly cuddly and I'm soaking it in. It's my most favorite in the entire world. Hand me a baby and I will snuggle.

--Staring at my Christmas tree and noticing that some little hands have been busy at work rearranging ornaments. There are little groupings: two sparkly balls nestled on a branch, two glittery snowflakes side-by-side, two mirrored balls staggered next to one another. Normally this would drive me bananas--but now, I'm going to enjoy the masterpiece of one of my littles.

--Watching one of our cats pounce on the tree skirt. She gets down, wiggles her little tush and leaps. What she's going after is beyond me, but she then lays down and has a very content look about her. Well done, Zoe.

--Thinking about Ainsley asking me to tell her the story about Christ's birth again. She loved it when after K read about it in the Bible we used our Nativity to act it out.

--Looking forward to these next couple weeks. When our days slow down, alarms are turned off and we get to just be. I foresee many a morning (or afternoon to be honest) in our pjs watching movies.

--Looking forward to our small group Christmas party. We decided to do an ugly sweater party and somehow K turned it from a white elephant party to a white unicorn party, I'm not sure what that entails but it'll be awesome.

Good night, xo