Friday, October 29, 2010

School Halloween festivities

Today we celebrated Halloween at Adison's school.
The day started with a parade.
We waited outside of the school for the classes to get ready.
It was fun seeing all of the parents and saying, "Hello!" to everyone.
Well that and Ainsley was running around yelling, "ROAR!" at everyone. HA!

Ainsley waiting for the parade to begin.
(She's a dragon.)

My Dad has come to the Halloween parade every year.
Yes, he ROCKS!!
AKA Silly Papa

Babbalicious and myself. Can you tell I am exhausted!
(This was one of the only photos of Abby looking at the camera.)

After the parade we went to Adison's classroom for some Halloween fun!

Adison the snow princess!

Abby had so much fun!
She crawled all over the floor and smiled at the kids.

Ainsley wanted me to get a picture of her food. YUM!
She followed Adison around the entire time!
She had a blast and the kids were all so nice to her!

Pin the wart of the witch.
It was a pic of Adison's teacher dressed up like a witch, ha ha!

This was the last "game" of the party.
The kids had to stick their hands in boxes.
They were labeled:
Scrambled brains
Loose fingers

As you can tell Adison was VERY unsure about this one.
She was so hesitant that all her classmates started cheering her name.
She was a good sport and tried.

Adison is so blessed to have an AMAZING teacher and the parents in her class are really involved.
It really makes a HUGE difference!
Poor Ainsley, she loves her big sister so much that when we had to leave she cried the ENTIRE way out of school!
She attitude quickly turned around when we saw Jennifer!
Ains was so excited that she went running to see her, Kailyn and Eddie.
She LOVES her friends!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Day

This morning we walked again.
After our exercise last night and the walk this morning,  my body was feelin' the burn.
It feels good though, that must mean that I am exercising some long-unused muscles.
Sad, but working on it.
It has been several (I literally mean several) years since I have done much exercise.
Well, you know beyond chasing after kiddos.

This afternoon Ainsley fell asleep while we were laying on the couch.
She woke up peppy and oh so cute.

Cute until we got home from picking Adison up from school and the other Ainsley came out.
The one that screams and jumps up and down.
It was hard to not laugh, but she was just so darn cute.
Then Abby decided to join in and they were doing some tag team temper tantrums.
Adison, was being just a little gem.
She would try to help out, only to be screamed at by Ainsley.
Poor Adison, she wanted so badly to be the big sister helper.
Ains just wouldn't allow it.

After the tag team duo chilled out we decided to try on Halloween costumes as a dress rehearsal for tomorrow.
Adison is having a Halloween parade and party at school.
It is always so much fun to go and see all the little kiddos dressed up and so excited.
This year I am going to let Ains dress up as well.
Abby will also be wearing a Halloween get up.

Pictures to follow, pinkie promise!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am really out of shape!

Almost every weekday morning I go walking with my friends Jennifer and Clara.
We normally walk a little over 4 miles.
It is a blast!
Plus, the kids get to play and really have a lot of fun together.
It is also quite the educational experience for the kids.
We have seen deer, a 7-legged spider, a snail crossing, birds and squirrels.
The kids hop out of the strollers and get to walk and/or play at the playground.
There is also a creek where the kids throw "brains"off the bridge and watch them float downstream.

Sorry, I got a little off track!
Earlier this week, we decided that we are going to do a 5k.
Tonight Clara and I started our jogging training.
We are doing this in addition to our morning walks.
We ended up doing a total of 2 miles.
It worked out to walking 1 mile and jogging 1.

Clara did amazing!
Me, well, I didn't exactly jog the full mile.
I came close, but didn't quite make it.

I have to say that I am really proud of us!
We stuck to it and are really motivated.
I will keep you posted on how all of this goes.

Here's to completing a 5k!

One training jog down and many more to come!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The other members (feline) of our family

We have three cats.
They are all girls.
Poor K is so outnumbered.
A wife, three daughters and three female cats.
Lots of estrogen!

Our kitties are family members.
They are also quite the characters.
Each of them have very different personalities.

K and I got her when we were first married.
She is the sweetest cat alive.
She is actually more like a dog.
Chloe likes to follow you around and BEGS for attention.
She is also quite the little lover, she loves cuddles.
Chloe though, is also a chair thief.
The moment that you get up she will steal your seat.
She is also the diplomat and leader of the crew.
She loves the other two equally and is just a sweetie!

She is a typical cat.
You don't see her very often.
When you do, it is because she needs something from you.
Zoe is tiny, she ways about 3 pounds.
No, I am not kidding.
Since she is so small, she gets cold really easily.
It is not uncommon for her to come sleep in bed with us to get warm.
Zoe doesn't like it when we have company over, she always hides.
Zoe was a stray that we adopted.
When we found her she was three weeks old and had a horrible eye infection and flea infestation.
We love her!

She is really sweet.
There is just no other way to describe her.
We got Lily shortly after our first cat, Gracie, died.
She does not cuddle, is not a lap cat.
Lily is not a fan of the kids, she normally will hang out around everyone but out of reach of the kids.
If they get too close though, she will bolt.
She loves to lay on the floor on her back or on the back of chairs.
She is just a sweetie pie.

What kind of pets do you have?

Monday, October 25, 2010

I didn't do a post yesterday

Here is the pumpkin that we carved.
It has a silly mouth, one side looks like a frown and the other side looks like it is smiling.
It looks like it can't decide how it feels.
The kids had a blast doing it.
I am glad that we only did the one pumpkin, that took all of their concentration.

Our day yesterday went NOTHING like planned.
K and I were awakened yesterday morning by the sound of Ainsley throwing a toy down the stairs.
It was just an off morning.
Oh well, we spent the day together and that it what matters.

Last night though was AMAZING!!!!!
K and I LOVE TobyMac!
We discovered about a month ago that TobyMac, Third Day, Michael W. Smith and Max Lucado were putting on a concert series called the "Make a Difference Tour."
K and I decided that it would be, in the words of Ainsley, "so so awesome" if we could go.
(Plus it was a great way to celebrate 10 years of marriage a little early.)
We asked my Dad if he could watch the kids and he could. Score!
Since it was going to be on Sunday night and that is the night that we have small group with Sarah and Erik, we thought it would be fun to surprise them with going to the concert.

Needless to say, the concert was AMAZING! (I am sounding a bit repetitive.)
TobyMac performed all of the songs that I was hoping he would.
It was just such a cool show and it was completely focused on Christ as all of the performers sing Christian music.
Max Lucado is a Christian author though.

Third Day rocked the house! (I love them!)
Michael W. Smith was simply amazing and Max Lucado was so genuine and inspiring.
I would really like to go see TobyMac in concert again.
It was AMAZING! (There is that word again!)

While we were at the concert Adison lost another tooth.
That makes it tooth #4.
She was so funny when she woke up this morning.
She was so upset that she didn't get to go to the concert last night & BEGGED K and I us to take her next time.

Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


We are planning on carving some pumpkins tomorrow and I am in need of some ideas.
I don't know if we should get 3 pumpkins, one for each kiddo or if we should get one big one...
I also like the idea of painting the pumpkins.
I am just unsure.
I can't wait to get this done!!!
I PROMISE that I will get some pics of all of our fun and post them, pinky promise!
How are you decorating/carving your pumpkins?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another list...sorry

1. Please pray for this family. Their darling little boy, Ezra, is fighting cancer and could really use some prayers! He is the cutest little boy and has a very aggressive form of cancer. His family is AMAZING!

2. My mom sent the girls a Halloween card with some money in it, they were both so excited. Adison BEGGED to go to Target this afternoon so that she could get something. She has been saving her money for a while now. Ains has been saving too, needless to say both girls were very excited to get some new toys.

3. I am really annoyed with myself, when I was doing laundry earlier, I unknowingly put a new pair of Adison's blue jeans into the wash with a bunch of other clothes. When I went to put everything in the dryer I discovered that I had dyed everything in there blue, including one of Ainsley's new shirts. GRRR!

4. I am currently addicted to the color gray. I have been using a charcoal colored eye liner, I might actually run out of it versus my usual tactic of get bored and no longer use it. I LOVE gray eye liner. I think I might have a problem...

5. I think that's it. Have a wonderful Friday evening everyone!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The many faces of Ainsley

Last week I took the kiddos to the park to soak up some sun. We all had a blast. There were some other kids there and they had so much fun playing together. I am constantly trying to get cute action shots of the kids. This was a bit of an impromptu silly face photo shoot. I had asked Ainsley to "Smile!" and this is what she gave me and it was too cute not to share. Knowing Ainsely to be quite the character and prone to BIG emotions, whether happy, sad, angry or silly, I thought that it would be fun to show the comedic side of Lee.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things about my children that rock! (Not that I am biased or anything)

  1. They are mine!
  2. They are such distinct individuals.
  3. They have the best Daddy in the entire world, K is an awesome father.
  4. Ainsley says cute things like: "yegs" (legs), "beweive" (believe), "funky" (smokey), "macamoni" (macaroni) and "pookey" (pukey). This is just a small list.
  5. Adison is doing awesome at school! You rock!
  6. Abby is starting to mimic sounds.
  7. They have great taste in music!
  8. They know their own minds and are not afraid to voice opinions.
  9. My kids have PERSONALITY! There are very few dull moments around here.
  10. All three of them have really funny senses of humor.
  11. They all love to laugh and make others laugh as well. I LOVE laughing!
  12. They love Jesus and want to please Him.
  13. They love to read. Adison is even reading to Ainsley and Abby, they all love it!
  14. They are all healthy.
  15. They are all compassionate, loving individuals.
Sorry for such a short list, but it is time to put my little princess, rock stars to bed!


(I was going to do a picture post but I couldn't upload pictures. I will do it tomorrow. Hint: it shows one child's quirkiness.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I will focus on the positive today

I am not sure if every one's kids do this.
The day after my kids are getting over a sickness of some sort, they get difficult.
Like excessively whiny, clingy, temper tantrum-y, sassy.
You get the picture.

Anyways, I will focus on the positive.

Adison: was having a hard time with math.
Today during homework time, she had a light bulb moment.
She was so excited, leaned over and gave me a big hug.
She then quietly whispered "Thank you Mommy!" to me.
My heart melted.
Plus, she has been having awesome behavior at school, getting all $5 most days.

Ainsley: has been saying super cute things like: awesome, totally, really.
I have also caught her singing songs lately that we listen to in the car.
Journey, Taylor Swift, songs from Glee.
She also seems to be really smitten with Abby lately.
Again, melt my heart!

Abby: She really could be the best thing since sliced bread.
She is just the cutest, sweetest, most darling baby in the Universe.
Yes I am biased, but just make it easy and agree...okay?
Last week I had been really concerned about her hearing.
I can't remember if I blogged about this before or not.
I will tell you in a nut shell.
When Abby was done they tested her hearing.
She failed on the left ear.
Over the next several weeks she failed the test 3 more times, each time it got progressively worse.
We were referred on to Children's Mercy.
It was several weeks until we could get in, but K and I had prayed about it and felt really okay about whatever would happen.
Fast forward to the appt and by the grace of God she passed, 100%.
It can only be described as miraculous, our dr had been discussing hearing aids with us!
The said that they will have to watch her for hearing loss still as the test only made sure that her brain was reading the sound that they put in her ears.

Fast forward to last week and I was paranoid that she wasn't talking.
Occasionally a few babbles, but not much otherwise.
Last night while K and I were playing with her she repeated, "Uh oh," something that sounded like tickle tickle and the cute little guttural grunting of thank you.
It was an answer to prayers.

Well folks, that is all I have for you on this BEAUTIFUL fall day.

SSSSSeeee yyyyyaaaa!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I just don't have it in me to do the birthday blog

I just don't.
I'm sorry, I hope we can still be friends.
We had an amazing weekend.
That weekend though, ended up with puke.
You know me, you know that there is little that I fear more than puke.
Not the puke itself, but the way it ravages my family.
So, Ains started the process.
She threw up last night and has been have diarrhea and acting sick all day today.
Yesterday though, she was fine...
Oh well, I promise, cross my heart and Girl Scouts Honor that I will do that post...eventually.
'Till then, I am off to sanitize my house and purchase some Haz-Mat suits.
Oh and sending up quite a few (hundreds) of prayers that it doesn't spread like the plague.


(BTW, sorry about no post yesterday. I was just too tired.)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

We didn't do much today, well we actually did (lots of pictures)

We didn't do a whole lot today, well actually we did.
K made us breakfast this morning, YUMMY!
My brother and niece stopped by.
I went to Daddy Cakes and got some cupcakes, YUMMY!
Ainsley and I took a nap.
We had dinner with my mom and step-dad, YUMMY!
The girls opened their birthday gifts.
We had a really nice conversation with my mom and step-dad.
Now, K and I are watching some TV.

We have an exciting day tomorrow as well.
I will let you know about it then, I am sure you are just on the edge of your seat :)

Pictures are from the park the other day.

My girly-q and me


So darn cute!



Happy little vampire (check out the teeth!) 

Sweetie pie

The only way to get all 3 in the same picture

Friday, October 15, 2010

Another one of those moments and then it wasn't

I had another one of those enchanting moments yesterday.
Before I get into details, I should probably give some background info.

Adison had a dentist appointment yesterday.
The kids all did great and Adison's teeth look great!
I told the girls that since they did so well at the appt that we could go to the park.
My kiddos, like most, love going to the park.

It was a gorgeous day.
One of those rare days in Kansas that we don't get too often so we spend as much time there as humanly possible.
It was divine!

Anyways, back to the park.
As soon as we get there Adison and Ainsley each made a little friend and were running around playing.
I took Abby over to the swings so she could have some fun too.
She normally loves swinging, but today was extra special.
She scooted her little body in the swing so that she was getting optimal leg-swingange (yes I made that word up in case you couldn't tell!).
She then would rock back and forth and laugh.
When I say laugh, I mean the DEEP belly laugh that kind of makes her sound like an old man.
She laughed and laughed and laughed.
So much so that even the other parents were commenting on it.

When she would laugh her little vampire fangs would show.
It was magic.
It was enchanting.
It was everything that I could hope for.
All three of my girls so sublimely happy all at once.
What made it even better was that I got to watch it all unfold.

Then my friend Clara and her family showed up.
The kids were so excited to see them.
Adison was running up to their car, screaming Clara's name at the top of her lungs.
Ainsley ran over to see her best bud.
The kids had a blast.

Then, I had one of those moments that every parent dreads.
It was time to go and Ainsley decided that she wasn't ready to go.
That in and of itself isn't bad.
But she realized that with my hands full carrying Abby and all of our stuff that I couldn't chase after her.
She thought it was soooo funny to run away from her Mama.
She ran through the tunnels and down the slide, all the while giggling.
I on the other hand am trying to come up with every reason I can as to why we need to leave:

"Daddy is on his way home!"
"We need to go home so we can make some dinner."

No reason/excuse worked.

To make matters worse, there was another parent there with his three kids.
They got to watch the comedy unfold.
Finally I had Adison carry our stuff while I carried both little kids to the van.
Ainsley laughed the entire time!
I on the other hand needed a nap.

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day

Today is a day that I hold very dear to my heart.
It is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.
Please take a moment to pray for everyone that has lost a baby (babies).

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We actually have a very large brood

I am unsure as to how many people know this, but did you know that K and I have 9 (possibly 10) children?
I say possibly because our first loss should have been twins but the egg never split.
K and I have been wondering for quite a while if our Emma Grace was given two Heavenly bodies or one.

Sorry, I got a little off subject.
Anyways, we have a brood of 9. Which is a much larger family than I even envisioned myself having.
The Lord had another vision.
I go with what He decides, He knows what is best.

Our walk has been a very different walk than most travel.
It has been a blessing to us.
To know that up in Heaven right now I have 6 (possibly 7) little darlings waiting for me is what has made this entire journey possible.
To know that my Grandparents are up in Heaven playing with my little ones brings me such joy.
To think of my Grandma rocking my babies to sleep while I am unable to brings me comfort.

I do not usually dwell on these things.
In fact, I have now progressed to being able to not even crying when I think of my angels.
Today though, this is a task that I am incapable of handling.
I remember being told that I needed to get over it.
So, I didn't talk about my babies for a long time.
I tried not to think of them.
I tried to forget.
At times I could, then I would remember.

As my children get older (as all three of them are about to), I celebrate their births, their experiences, their lives.
However, I am brought back to the lives I didn't get to watch.
Who's births were so traumatic.
Who's bodies I never got to cradle and who's faces I never got to kiss.
How do I make their lives meaningful when at times it feels like I am the only one carrying on their flame.
How do I make their lives important?

I have wondered for a few years now what the Lord would have me do with this experience.
I am actually still wondering this.
I am able to talk about the Lord and His goodness through all of this, but what do I do with it?
How will this experience help others?
How can we use this experience for good?
We know that God has already done this, but I am left wondering do I have a job to do, too?

K and I have been blessed to make it to the other end of the tunnel.
We are still intact and stronger than ever.
More importantly though, we have grown closer to our Creator.
We were chosen for this.
To have the honor of being parents, yet never holding most of our babies.
To dream of them and yearn for them, but have empty arms.
Through this, good has to come.

I feel as though there has to be more.
There has to be something tangible that I can do.
I feel the need to use this experience to somehow help.
What keeps coming back to me is how?

I don't know if I am finally at a point of healing to wonder these questions.
Is it God that has stirred this desire within me?
Or are my motives somehow selfish?

I want to use this to encourage others.
The "How" question still looms though.
There is just so much loss out there in the world.
How do we use our own experiences to help others?
How do we make ourselves so transparent that the only thing left of us is God?
How do we allow others to experience the healing that we have so graciously been given?

Please remember that October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dance Party

Some nights, like tonight, when the girls are a little too wound up after dinner we, as a family, participate in something that we like to call "Dance Party."
During this time, dance music is played a little louder than normal and the girls boogie down!
They have so much fun dancing and don't want the music to stop.
Tonight the girls tried some break dancing.
It was a hoot!
They also tried something that can only be described as trick dancing.
This involved one of them rolling around on the floor and the other one jumping over them.
It was interesting, but they had a blast!
Little Abby even got in on the action (with the help of Mommy or Daddy).
They just had so much fun, it was wonderful to see those big smiles!
Let's just hope that they have expelled enough energy to get a good night's sleep! :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


  • The little girls and I were at my friend Jennifer's this morning. Jennifer and I were catching up while the kiddos were playing when Ainsley runs up to me and asks me if I want to go see the Zhu Zhu Pets. Jennifer and I look at each other somewhat confused as Ains leads me in to see them. They end up being two guinea pigs, Kit Kat and Heshey. Cute guinea pigs! Jennifer was nice enough to get them out one at a time for Ainsley to see. The entire time she kept confusing Zhu Zhu Pets and guinea pigs, at one point Ains looks at Jennifer and said, "I just kidding!" So cute! She then throws out the name "Nemo" for one of them and Jennifer looked over at me, I then had to explain that in an episode of Dora the Explorer they had to find the class pet that was a guinea pig named Nemo. It was confusing and silly. Thanks Jennifer for sharing your guinea pigs/Zhu Zhu Pet/Nemo with us!
  • October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. I am not sure how many people know this, but K and I have lost 6 babies through miscarriage. It has and at times continues to be difficult for us. We lost our first baby a little over 4 1/2 years ago and now feel as though the Lord has placed on me the opportunity to pray for others going through difficult times. I have been thinking about starting a prayer list on Tuesdays. Others can add who/what they are praying for on Tuesday, that way we can all be praying for each other's prayer lists. Does that sound like something that anyone else would be interested in? Please let me know.
  • Adison has her yearly check-up today, I cannot wait to find out how she has grown!
  • Abby is finally feeling better, she is back to her old self. We are a little over half way through her antibiotic, I cannot wait for her to be completely over this nasty ear infection.
  • We had all three girls' birthday party with K's side of the family in KC this past weekend. The girls had a blast, received some wonderful gifts and most importantly, we got to spend some great time with K's family. I will have some pics and do a post about that soon!
  • I have a lot of things to get done around the house, but have not been sleeping well. Hopefully I will catch up on some sleep!
  • Tonight is the season finale of Teen Mom, I cannot wait to watch it!
Okay folks, that is it for today. I am off to be productive!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A letter to Ainsley on her birthday

Dear Ainsley,
You are the blessing that was so long awaited and prayed for.
You were the child that I wept over, praying God to let me keep you.
You were and are such an answer to prayers.
You had so many people praying that you would stay in my tummy, most of which we have yet to meet.

You are the epitome of girl.
You like all things pink, sparkly, ruffled and girly.
You like to stay clean and things have their place.
You have an amazing sense of humor.
You make all of us laugh.

You are strong-willed and independent.
You know how you like things to be done and are not satisfied until they are done your way.
You are very emotional and caring.
You have a heart of gold.
You are an amazing sister.
You love to take care of people.

Your favorite story right now is Jonah and the Whale.
You ask to hear that story over and over again.
You remember the words to songs like I do.
Daddy and I laugh when we overhear you singing a song that we had no idea that you had learned.

You fill my heart with such joy my Pumpkin Pie.
My love for you knows no bounds.

2 weeks old

1 year old

2 year old

almost 3 years old

Happy Birthday sweetie, I love you!
Love, Mommy

Too tired

I apologize in advance.
No real blog post for today.
However, Ainsley just turned 3 years old one minute ago.
Happy Birthday Ains!!

I promise to have a real post tomorrow (today).

Love ya!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We went to the park

The girls had a blast at the park today.
They ran and played on the swings and went down the slide.
Adison did every single monkey bar the place had.
She is really good at doing them!

There were a couple of other kids there too.
The girls all made up games of chase and the slide was safe.
Ainsley was the youngest by far, but the girls all included her.
It was fun to watch her interact with the bigger girls.

No funny stories so far today, just very sweet memories and smiles shared by all.
Another magical day :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

A letter to Adison on her birthday

My Dear Girl,
You are a blessing to your father and I.
I love you so much that words cannot express the depth of my feelings for you.
You are such an amazing daughter,
child of God,
the list could go on and on (and is in no specific order).

1 month
1 year
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years
6 years
7 years
8 years

I pray that you know my dear girl, how much you mean to me.
That you were the beginning of a family for us.
That I will always have that extra hug and snuggle for you.
That my meaning became clear that first day eight years ago when I first held you in my arms.
I love you with all of my heart and am so excited to celebrate having you in our lives for 8 years now!

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!
Love, Mommy

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ear infections are no fun

Contrary to popular belief, ear infections are not any fun.
Abby seemed to be feeling better this morning, but has just been miserable this afternoon.
She has been cycling with her misery, crying and cranky then on to smiling and happy.
The cycle has been going on all day.

My Dad came over for a little while this evening to do some b-day presents with the two older girls.
They were beyond excited!
Adison got a journal (with a lock, of course!) and a new outfit.
Ainsley got what she has been dreaming of, a Lalaloopsy.

Adison will be 8 tomorrow.
We are leaving extra early tomorrow so we can get some donuts for her birthday treat.
My girl does not like cake.
She wanted donuts, it works.

I am off to cuddle my little sicky and hang out with my hubby.
Goodnight y'all!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A story about an ear infection and a brain

My sweet Abigail has an ear infection.
Her symptoms were very strange and varied.
But, when she stopped drinking as much of her formula as usual, I called the dr's office.
The nurse practitioner was amazing, she was very sweet with Abby and really listened to her symptoms.
I love nurse practitioners.
So, sweet Babby Cakes has an antibiotic to take, I hope she feels better soon.

Now, on to the brain.
A couple of my friends and I try to go walking almost every morning.
There is a tree with these strange looking things that fall out of the tree.
I know that the tree's seed is in this thing, I just don't what it is or what kind.
If you do know, please share.

Anyways...when Ainsley asked what they were, I told her they were brains.
Why? Because I had no other answer that was considered satisfactory to her two year old sensibilities.
So, calling them brains stuck.
We brought a brain home yesterday and forgot to bring it back.
Today, she had to have another brain.
This brain got tossed in the creek so that it could go back home to it's mama.
To Ainsley, the only acceptable response for pretty much everything (birds, leaves, squirrels, you name it) it that it had to go back to it mama:
for a nap,
for lunch,
for dinner,
for night time,
the list is really endless.
This afternoon, I hear Ainsley saying funny things like,
"Don't worry brain, we will take you to your mama tomorrow."
"Brain, I will drop you in the creek tomorrow and you can go home to your mama."
"Poor brain."
"This is fun, my brain wants to try it too!"
"I'm shakin' it for my brain. Woo hoo! Woo hoo!"
Ainsley is a riot!
I also found myself saying, "Daddy said he was going to throw your brain away if you threw it again."
Ains: "Huh, he can't go home to his mama then?"

 Ainsley and Adison were sharing a very sweet moment on the couch yesterday.
Adison was reading to Ainsley and Ainsley was so patiently listening.
I love moments like these.

The end.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My friend Clara and I went a walk this morning.
We had a wonderful conversation.
And we had a really great work out, you can't beat a good work out and convo combo.

Then, there was a magical moment with Ainsley.
We took her over to a bridge that had a creek running under it.
The leaves were falling and some were piled up on the bridge.
Ainsley was fascinated.

I then showed her how you could throw a leaf over the edge and watch it float down the creek.
She thought it was fascinating.
I was fascinated by her.
She was enchanting.
Running back and forth over the bridge to collect leaves to throw over the edge.

She then asked me to join her.
It was a simple moment.
It was one of those moments that I long for as a mother.
When they happen, I wish that time would stop.

We tossed handfuls of leaves over the edge and watched them float away.
Ainsley then asked Clara to join us.
It was so sweet.
She then wanted all three of us to toss leaves over together.

By the time she was done, a lot of leaves had made it over the edge.
I also had a magical memory to store.
Can't beat that.

(From earlier this year.)

Monday, October 4, 2010


Today was Monday.
Not much to report.
I had a dr's appt.
At said appt, Ains informed me that she wishes she we a fish.
Yes, that would be the life.
You know, except for fishermen and bigger fish that would try to eat you.
But, I went with it and agreed that it would be great to be a fish.

Abby is teething and it is not pretty.
Drool, crying, chewing on everything, drool, nasty diapers, drool...did I mention drool?
Yes, that is what is plaguing poor Abby.

Adison had a great day at school.
She continues to be hilarious and says the funniest things.
She also has the sweetest heart for her sisters.

Yesterday, Ainsley decided she was M.C. Hammer and tried to do the Hammer Dance.

That is all, good night!
Pictures tomorrow, I promise!