Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Day

This morning we walked again.
After our exercise last night and the walk this morning,  my body was feelin' the burn.
It feels good though, that must mean that I am exercising some long-unused muscles.
Sad, but working on it.
It has been several (I literally mean several) years since I have done much exercise.
Well, you know beyond chasing after kiddos.

This afternoon Ainsley fell asleep while we were laying on the couch.
She woke up peppy and oh so cute.

Cute until we got home from picking Adison up from school and the other Ainsley came out.
The one that screams and jumps up and down.
It was hard to not laugh, but she was just so darn cute.
Then Abby decided to join in and they were doing some tag team temper tantrums.
Adison, was being just a little gem.
She would try to help out, only to be screamed at by Ainsley.
Poor Adison, she wanted so badly to be the big sister helper.
Ains just wouldn't allow it.

After the tag team duo chilled out we decided to try on Halloween costumes as a dress rehearsal for tomorrow.
Adison is having a Halloween parade and party at school.
It is always so much fun to go and see all the little kiddos dressed up and so excited.
This year I am going to let Ains dress up as well.
Abby will also be wearing a Halloween get up.

Pictures to follow, pinkie promise!

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