Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The other members (feline) of our family

We have three cats.
They are all girls.
Poor K is so outnumbered.
A wife, three daughters and three female cats.
Lots of estrogen!

Our kitties are family members.
They are also quite the characters.
Each of them have very different personalities.

K and I got her when we were first married.
She is the sweetest cat alive.
She is actually more like a dog.
Chloe likes to follow you around and BEGS for attention.
She is also quite the little lover, she loves cuddles.
Chloe though, is also a chair thief.
The moment that you get up she will steal your seat.
She is also the diplomat and leader of the crew.
She loves the other two equally and is just a sweetie!

She is a typical cat.
You don't see her very often.
When you do, it is because she needs something from you.
Zoe is tiny, she ways about 3 pounds.
No, I am not kidding.
Since she is so small, she gets cold really easily.
It is not uncommon for her to come sleep in bed with us to get warm.
Zoe doesn't like it when we have company over, she always hides.
Zoe was a stray that we adopted.
When we found her she was three weeks old and had a horrible eye infection and flea infestation.
We love her!

She is really sweet.
There is just no other way to describe her.
We got Lily shortly after our first cat, Gracie, died.
She does not cuddle, is not a lap cat.
Lily is not a fan of the kids, she normally will hang out around everyone but out of reach of the kids.
If they get too close though, she will bolt.
She loves to lay on the floor on her back or on the back of chairs.
She is just a sweetie pie.

What kind of pets do you have?

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