Friday, October 15, 2010

Another one of those moments and then it wasn't

I had another one of those enchanting moments yesterday.
Before I get into details, I should probably give some background info.

Adison had a dentist appointment yesterday.
The kids all did great and Adison's teeth look great!
I told the girls that since they did so well at the appt that we could go to the park.
My kiddos, like most, love going to the park.

It was a gorgeous day.
One of those rare days in Kansas that we don't get too often so we spend as much time there as humanly possible.
It was divine!

Anyways, back to the park.
As soon as we get there Adison and Ainsley each made a little friend and were running around playing.
I took Abby over to the swings so she could have some fun too.
She normally loves swinging, but today was extra special.
She scooted her little body in the swing so that she was getting optimal leg-swingange (yes I made that word up in case you couldn't tell!).
She then would rock back and forth and laugh.
When I say laugh, I mean the DEEP belly laugh that kind of makes her sound like an old man.
She laughed and laughed and laughed.
So much so that even the other parents were commenting on it.

When she would laugh her little vampire fangs would show.
It was magic.
It was enchanting.
It was everything that I could hope for.
All three of my girls so sublimely happy all at once.
What made it even better was that I got to watch it all unfold.

Then my friend Clara and her family showed up.
The kids were so excited to see them.
Adison was running up to their car, screaming Clara's name at the top of her lungs.
Ainsley ran over to see her best bud.
The kids had a blast.

Then, I had one of those moments that every parent dreads.
It was time to go and Ainsley decided that she wasn't ready to go.
That in and of itself isn't bad.
But she realized that with my hands full carrying Abby and all of our stuff that I couldn't chase after her.
She thought it was soooo funny to run away from her Mama.
She ran through the tunnels and down the slide, all the while giggling.
I on the other hand am trying to come up with every reason I can as to why we need to leave:

"Daddy is on his way home!"
"We need to go home so we can make some dinner."

No reason/excuse worked.

To make matters worse, there was another parent there with his three kids.
They got to watch the comedy unfold.
Finally I had Adison carry our stuff while I carried both little kids to the van.
Ainsley laughed the entire time!
I on the other hand needed a nap.


  1. I didn't know you had such a tough time getting out of there....we totally could have helped you out!! We were happy to see you there and the kids did have a great time!!

  2. You are so sweet Clara, she melted down after you guys had left. Thanks though :) We had so much fun, thanks for coming with us!

  3. You are so sweet Clara, she melted down after you guys had left. Thanks though :) We had so much fun, thanks for coming with us!