Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ear infections are no fun

Contrary to popular belief, ear infections are not any fun.
Abby seemed to be feeling better this morning, but has just been miserable this afternoon.
She has been cycling with her misery, crying and cranky then on to smiling and happy.
The cycle has been going on all day.

My Dad came over for a little while this evening to do some b-day presents with the two older girls.
They were beyond excited!
Adison got a journal (with a lock, of course!) and a new outfit.
Ainsley got what she has been dreaming of, a Lalaloopsy.

Adison will be 8 tomorrow.
We are leaving extra early tomorrow so we can get some donuts for her birthday treat.
My girl does not like cake.
She wanted donuts, it works.

I am off to cuddle my little sicky and hang out with my hubby.
Goodnight y'all!

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