Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things about my children that rock! (Not that I am biased or anything)

  1. They are mine!
  2. They are such distinct individuals.
  3. They have the best Daddy in the entire world, K is an awesome father.
  4. Ainsley says cute things like: "yegs" (legs), "beweive" (believe), "funky" (smokey), "macamoni" (macaroni) and "pookey" (pukey). This is just a small list.
  5. Adison is doing awesome at school! You rock!
  6. Abby is starting to mimic sounds.
  7. They have great taste in music!
  8. They know their own minds and are not afraid to voice opinions.
  9. My kids have PERSONALITY! There are very few dull moments around here.
  10. All three of them have really funny senses of humor.
  11. They all love to laugh and make others laugh as well. I LOVE laughing!
  12. They love Jesus and want to please Him.
  13. They love to read. Adison is even reading to Ainsley and Abby, they all love it!
  14. They are all healthy.
  15. They are all compassionate, loving individuals.
Sorry for such a short list, but it is time to put my little princess, rock stars to bed!


(I was going to do a picture post but I couldn't upload pictures. I will do it tomorrow. Hint: it shows one child's quirkiness.)

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