Friday, October 22, 2010

Another list...sorry

1. Please pray for this family. Their darling little boy, Ezra, is fighting cancer and could really use some prayers! He is the cutest little boy and has a very aggressive form of cancer. His family is AMAZING!

2. My mom sent the girls a Halloween card with some money in it, they were both so excited. Adison BEGGED to go to Target this afternoon so that she could get something. She has been saving her money for a while now. Ains has been saving too, needless to say both girls were very excited to get some new toys.

3. I am really annoyed with myself, when I was doing laundry earlier, I unknowingly put a new pair of Adison's blue jeans into the wash with a bunch of other clothes. When I went to put everything in the dryer I discovered that I had dyed everything in there blue, including one of Ainsley's new shirts. GRRR!

4. I am currently addicted to the color gray. I have been using a charcoal colored eye liner, I might actually run out of it versus my usual tactic of get bored and no longer use it. I LOVE gray eye liner. I think I might have a problem...

5. I think that's it. Have a wonderful Friday evening everyone!

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