Friday, October 29, 2010

School Halloween festivities

Today we celebrated Halloween at Adison's school.
The day started with a parade.
We waited outside of the school for the classes to get ready.
It was fun seeing all of the parents and saying, "Hello!" to everyone.
Well that and Ainsley was running around yelling, "ROAR!" at everyone. HA!

Ainsley waiting for the parade to begin.
(She's a dragon.)

My Dad has come to the Halloween parade every year.
Yes, he ROCKS!!
AKA Silly Papa

Babbalicious and myself. Can you tell I am exhausted!
(This was one of the only photos of Abby looking at the camera.)

After the parade we went to Adison's classroom for some Halloween fun!

Adison the snow princess!

Abby had so much fun!
She crawled all over the floor and smiled at the kids.

Ainsley wanted me to get a picture of her food. YUM!
She followed Adison around the entire time!
She had a blast and the kids were all so nice to her!

Pin the wart of the witch.
It was a pic of Adison's teacher dressed up like a witch, ha ha!

This was the last "game" of the party.
The kids had to stick their hands in boxes.
They were labeled:
Scrambled brains
Loose fingers

As you can tell Adison was VERY unsure about this one.
She was so hesitant that all her classmates started cheering her name.
She was a good sport and tried.

Adison is so blessed to have an AMAZING teacher and the parents in her class are really involved.
It really makes a HUGE difference!
Poor Ainsley, she loves her big sister so much that when we had to leave she cried the ENTIRE way out of school!
She attitude quickly turned around when we saw Jennifer!
Ains was so excited that she went running to see her, Kailyn and Eddie.
She LOVES her friends!


  1. Great pictures! Love your little ones names - so pretty and unique!

  2. Great pictures! Love your little ones names - so pretty and unique!