Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My friend Clara and I went a walk this morning.
We had a wonderful conversation.
And we had a really great work out, you can't beat a good work out and convo combo.

Then, there was a magical moment with Ainsley.
We took her over to a bridge that had a creek running under it.
The leaves were falling and some were piled up on the bridge.
Ainsley was fascinated.

I then showed her how you could throw a leaf over the edge and watch it float down the creek.
She thought it was fascinating.
I was fascinated by her.
She was enchanting.
Running back and forth over the bridge to collect leaves to throw over the edge.

She then asked me to join her.
It was a simple moment.
It was one of those moments that I long for as a mother.
When they happen, I wish that time would stop.

We tossed handfuls of leaves over the edge and watched them float away.
Ainsley then asked Clara to join us.
It was so sweet.
She then wanted all three of us to toss leaves over together.

By the time she was done, a lot of leaves had made it over the edge.
I also had a magical memory to store.
Can't beat that.

(From earlier this year.)

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