Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A story about an ear infection and a brain

My sweet Abigail has an ear infection.
Her symptoms were very strange and varied.
But, when she stopped drinking as much of her formula as usual, I called the dr's office.
The nurse practitioner was amazing, she was very sweet with Abby and really listened to her symptoms.
I love nurse practitioners.
So, sweet Babby Cakes has an antibiotic to take, I hope she feels better soon.

Now, on to the brain.
A couple of my friends and I try to go walking almost every morning.
There is a tree with these strange looking things that fall out of the tree.
I know that the tree's seed is in this thing, I just don't what it is or what kind.
If you do know, please share.

Anyways...when Ainsley asked what they were, I told her they were brains.
Why? Because I had no other answer that was considered satisfactory to her two year old sensibilities.
So, calling them brains stuck.
We brought a brain home yesterday and forgot to bring it back.
Today, she had to have another brain.
This brain got tossed in the creek so that it could go back home to it's mama.
To Ainsley, the only acceptable response for pretty much everything (birds, leaves, squirrels, you name it) it that it had to go back to it mama:
for a nap,
for lunch,
for dinner,
for night time,
the list is really endless.
This afternoon, I hear Ainsley saying funny things like,
"Don't worry brain, we will take you to your mama tomorrow."
"Brain, I will drop you in the creek tomorrow and you can go home to your mama."
"Poor brain."
"This is fun, my brain wants to try it too!"
"I'm shakin' it for my brain. Woo hoo! Woo hoo!"
Ainsley is a riot!
I also found myself saying, "Daddy said he was going to throw your brain away if you threw it again."
Ains: "Huh, he can't go home to his mama then?"

 Ainsley and Adison were sharing a very sweet moment on the couch yesterday.
Adison was reading to Ainsley and Ainsley was so patiently listening.
I love moments like these.

The end.

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