Thursday, September 30, 2010

I didn't do a post yesterday

I remembered about two seconds after my head hit the pillow.
I thought about getting up but I just couldn't.
I hope that you understand.
Sometimes sleep just has to win.

We had an amazing day yesterday.
My friends Jennifer, Clara and I all went for our morning walk.
We had a wonderful time and let the kids play at the playground afterwards.
Then Clara and I met up at another park after picking up our kiddos from school.

Last night we had our friends Sarah and Erik over for small group.
I loved it.
Plain and simple.
It was wonderful to immerse ourselves in the Word, to talk about God and what He is doing in our lives.
We also talked a lot about our L3 journal.
I am still loving it.
We are not working on the book of Acts.
So completely moving and convicting.

This morning Clara and I went on a walk.
Jennifer's baby, Eddie, was sick and couldn't join us.
Feel better soon Eddie!

I opened a Twitter account.
I have no idea why, I was just curious.
We will see if I stick with it.

Tomorrow my mom is coming in town!
I simply cannot wait.
I miss her a lot.

Adison is having a little sleep over tomorrow night and her birthday party on Saturday.
My baby is turning
(Her birthday isn't until next weekend though.)

Good night all, you will be hearing from me on the flip side.

Ainsley the robot.

Ainsley showing me her hat.

Ainsley when I asked her to smile.
She it the queen of making funny faces.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A picture post of sweet Abigail

I know that I have said this a million times and at this point it is probably old news, but Abby is the sweetest baby. She isn't very fussy or cranky (she has her moments though), all she really wants is to be held and loved on. I can soooo totally do that without her even asking. Her chubby cheeks are so kissable and squishy. She has the cutest laugh and makes these cute noises that make her sound a bit like a bird. She also has a temper on her, she throws herself on her tummy and kicks her little legs. (She looks a bit like a fish when she does this.) Lately she has started dropping herself backwards while sitting down. It is almost like she has such trust in K and I that we will always be there to catch her when she falls. She giggles and laughs when she does this, well except for when she is playing on the floor and randomly drops backwards, then she cries. Abby is also a real ham, she just loves to giggle and smile. When she realizes something makes you laugh she will keep doing it. She also likes to crawl all over you and manhandle you. She also also getting her top teeth in, but not the middle two. She is getting the ones in next to them, so at the moment she is starting to resemble a vampire. If you look closely at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pictures you can see them. The tooth on her right is much easier to see than the one on the left.

(I took all of these pictures in pretty quick succession. She was giggly and cute and having fun having her picture taken.)



Who can resist a face like this!?!


Mommy and Abby!

Rolling away.

What is this thing?

I want to grab it!

Silly face!

Another silly face!

Look at me! I am so cute!

I want to crawl on you Mom, how much longer do I have to sit here?

Monday, September 27, 2010

We had a wonderful day

It involved:
going on a walk,
going on a picnic,
Ains & I getting pooped on by birds
(not so wonderful),
going to the zoo,
coming home and my girls being so worn out that they cuddled on the couch together.

We wore Abby out while on our walk.

Poor Ains got pooped on. Bird?
(I got pooped on too, mine was in my hair though. Yuck!)

My littlest monkey at the orangutan exhibit.

My little monkey at the orangutan exhibit.

My littler monkey at the orangutan exhibit.

Tired sisters cuddling on the couch.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday at...

Every year we take the kids up to Party America to look at their Halloween decorations.
We also go to play with their Halloween masks.
This time we picked up some party supplies for Adison's birthday party!

K looking pretty scary.

Ains looking a bit terrifying.

K looking silly. (He ended up buying this one.)

Poor Abby had no idea what to think.

Another really creepy mask.

Adison the astronaut!

Ainsley the policewoman?

While there we met up with some friends.

Since today was the first day of cool weather I decided to take some pics of the girls wearing jeans.
Really though I took pics because I thought they all looked so darn cute!

(Yes, I asked Ains to stand on the chair and she sat down right after I took the picture.)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I did something for the first time

No it is really not exciting.
K and I washed the house today.
I was going to paint my outdoor chairs today, but it looked like it was going to rain.
I now have a project for tomorrow.

We had a wonderful lazy day.
Made some birthday plans for the girls.
All 3 girls birthdays are within 5 weeks of each other.

I talked on the phone with my mom and K's mom.
Had wonderful conversations.
Kids napped, we chilled.

Then K got a migraine so I took the kiddos to church.
Amazing sermon!
Had some Taco Bell for dinner, yum!

At church I found out that Ains has a little friend named Isaac.
That's funny because my friend Clara has a little boy named Isaac & Ains loves him too.
She apparently likes boys with the name Isaac.
My brother-in-laws name is Isaac too!

Abby has discovered where we keep the cat food and keeps trying to eat it.

Adison is so funny, she is really excited about her birthday.
She keeps coming up with silly birthday ideas.
They normally revolve around some sort of Pokemon activity.

I am really looking forward to our family time tomorrow morning.
I will include pics in tomorrows post, I have been slacking!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Changing the name of my blog

Look at that, another day with two blogs.
In the words of Adison, Hey-oooo!

I am changing the name of my blog.
Everything is now updated!
Love ya!

(P.S. I know that while this is technically a 2nd blog post, I don't really think it is ;)

A fun day today

We actually had a fun day today.
We even got out of the house!!!

After dropping Adison off at school, the little girls and I headed out to what is easily on of my favorite places in the whole wide world...
I love that store, yes I do.
I am not even remotely ashamed to admit it.
I have told K on several occasions that I would move anywhere as long as they have a Target.
Yes, my affection runs that deep.

We headed out that way because my friend Jennifer told me that they had a sale on bedding.
Ainsley needed new bedding, hence the perfect excuse to head out.
I actually wanted to go last night but it was pouring down rain.
Here is a pic of Ains with her new bedding.

Can you tell that she likes it?

After we got home, Abby took a nap and Ains and I made a Halloween project.
After seeing the Halloween decorations at Target Ains was obsessed with Halloween.
So we got out our decorations and made some ourselves from here.
She was very happy.
Now I need to figure out where to hang these cuties up!

After Abby got up, we played...a lot!


(Even my rug is crooked and I won't even bother commenting on the state of my couch!)

We then had lunch and the girls went down for a nap.
But not before discovering that they had matching shirts.
(I was looking in the tub for Fall clothes for Abby and voila!)

We really had a great day, now if I could get over the rest of this sickness and allergies everything would be just peachy!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I must be getting older

I had an epiphany today.
Well, I guess not really today, but an affirmation.
I am in fact, getting older.

I got dizzy playing Ring Around the Rosy with Ainsley today.
Recently I have also gotten dizzy while Ainsley spun me around on one of the merry go rounds at the park.
So sad and embarrassing, yet true.

My only possible conclusion is that I must be getting older...nah!
There has got to be another viable reason for this.

(Woo hoo, two blog posts in one day!)

It was raining and I am still sick

I feel like a broken record, "We didn't do much/anything today."
Add this to the list, because we stayed at home today.
Then my two littlest ones decided that they needed to pull out every single toy that we own.
The damage was actually much worse, this is one tiny corner of it.

Ainsley was super cute and sweet with Abby (for the most part).
I just love watching my kids interact (for the most part).
They really are quite darling.

Adison was really funny this afternoon.
She was sitting at the table.
(Since you know Adison, you know that sitting is a loose term.)
She then started to fall out of her chair and squealed.
She then told me that she hurt her toe pinkie.
I laughed and laughed and laughed at that one.
She has the funniest one-liners.

That's it for today.
Hopefully my posts will be interesting again, someday...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Not much going on today.
I didn't take any pictures and don't really have any funny stories.
(Unless you count Ainsley sounding like Candace from Phineas and Ferb. If you haven't seen that show I highly recommend it. Yes it is a kids show and yes I find myself watching it without the kids.)

We are on count down for the girls' birthdays.
Ahh! I am so not ready.

We are on countdown for Halloween.
I am so ready. Girls have their costumes, we just need to decorate.
I have been looking at blogs for some ideas.
I think I want to try making a glitter pumpkin...we will see.

Adison had a great day at school today.
Woo hoo!
Ainsley has either been really sweet and cute or really ornery.
(What? Not my princess child, yes it is true.)
Abby has been kind of cranky today, I think she is teething.
I will get pics of our little vampire when the other tooth has finally popped through.

That's it for today folks, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

These are the cutest things ever!

One of my favorite people in the whole world, Kara, made these darling headbands for the girls and I.
She is so talented, I sent her a picture of a crocheted headband that I liked and asked her if she could make it.
Shortly thereafter look at what we have.
Love them!
She even made it so that you can mix and match flowers (what a great idea)!
Thanks Kara!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Abby got some ink

(It is supposed to be a cloud...)

Abby got her first tattoo, psych!

Kirk and I both have tattoos (he had one and I have two).
Adison and Ainsley LOVE getting temporary tattoos put on.
After dinner last night, K decided to put some new tats on the big girls.
I saw that they had some little ones too, so now Abby has her first.
She looks so tough :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday in the...

living room.
Yep, still trying to get over the creeping crud.

Abby learned how to drink out of straw!
She is growing up fast!

Not much to report otherwise, I finally got caught up on my house cleaning.

Not that you can tell!

Playing with kiddos, cuddling with my cupcakes, watching a movie and doing some reading.

Lovely Sunday!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


We did not do much today.
K and I are STILL trying to get over being sick.
We went to church tonight, loved it!
Had some yummy dinner.
Worked on my L3 journal, loved it!
Soooo ready to go to bed.

Hopefully there will be a better post tomorrow!

Friday, September 17, 2010

My baby

I have a love for this baby that overwhelms me.
Yes, I feel the same love for my other children.
But, just as my children are different, the love is equal, always there and sometimes feels different.
I have no idea how to explain it, but it is true.

I am in love with this baby so much that I can/could/have cried looking at her.
(Yes, I did this with my other children too. The difference is that I didn't blog then.)
My love for her knows no bounds.
What baffles me, is that if this is how much I love my child, I cannot fathom God's love for me.

This was a surprise pregnancy.
One that started difficultly with bleeding and what felt like a familiar path.
I didn't want to be on that path, I didn't want to endure it again. I decided that I wasn't going to call the dr.
I felt like skipping the blood work, the numerous times getting tests done, waiting for phone calls and countless ultrasounds.

I convinced myself that it wouldn't work this time around like it hadn't work so many others.
I shut part of myself off.
I was determined to not become emotionally attached.
I prayed for this baby, prayed with all of my might.
I cried so many tears.

Finally I called the dr's office and told them about having a positive pregnancy test.
The blood work, over-analyzing test results, tears, anxiety and fears began.
I had an ultrasound done and saw my baby on the screen.
It started to become real.
I might really get this baby, I might get to say hello rather than the good-bye that I was used to.

The baby decided to stay in.
We were actually going to be able to hold this one.
I let myself become attached.
I let myself have dreams for this baby.
I let myself see a life for this baby.

We got asked all the time if we were going for that boy, seeing as we had two girls.
Few could understand that gender didn't matter, we simply wanted a baby.
A baby that we got to keep.
A baby that we got to hold.

This child, was such a blessing.
We hadn't decided on a name for her when she was born.
(A first for us.)
Upon delivery and seeing our miracle, our child that God knit together so perfectly in my womb,
we knew we had an important choice to make.
It was between Abigail and Audrey.
Knowing that Abigail meant "A father's joy" was the deciding factor.
How loved would this surprise, miracle baby feeling knowing that she was her father's joy.

My love for this child amazes me everyday.
It almost hurts it is so intense.
It is so intoxicating that I just want to hold her and be with her.
I thank the Lord for this baby, for knowing we needed her.
For choosing us and for choosing her to complete our family.

I love you my amazing, sweet, beautiful, wonderful, silly, giggly, charming, bashful Abby.
You are such a wonderful gift.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today I rested. Well, rested in the sense that I still have to take care of three children and myself.
Other than drop-off/pick-up Adison from school, we didn't go anywhere today.
I am still trying to get over being sick, I don't feel like too much of a sickie in my dr told me that it is because of my surgery that I am still sick, lowered immune system.
Here was my day:
Dropped Adison off at school.
Played with kids.
Put Abby down for a nap.
Played with Ains and watched some cartoons.
Got Abby up from her nap.
Played with Abby.
Got Ains up.
Played with Ains & Abby.
Picked Adison up from school.
Helped Adison with homework.
Waiting for the hubs to get home.


Here's to feeling better tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Showing some support

One of my daily blog reads is from an amazing woman named Megan.
She wrote on her blog that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.
To help raise awareness and show some support, people are encouraged to paint their toes teal.
My girls and I never shy away from painting our toes and decided that the month of September we would paint our piggies is support to those suffering from this dreadful disease.

Feeling restless

I am feeling restless today.
I feel like I want to go running, shopping, decorate the house, tackle all the laundry. I want to do everything. This feeling of restless is tempered by feeling sick still.
I want to sleep, rest, lay down and watch a movie.
I don't like this feeling, it's almost like being antsy.
Ugh, shake it off.

(I just figured out that this feeling is probably from my fake coffee, as K likes to call it. I can drink pop and not feel it at all, but give me some coffee and I feel ill!)
I am L-O-V-I-N-G my L3 journal. I have mentioned it a couple of times before but I thought that today I would talk about what it actually is.
Our entire church (Fellowship Bible Church) is doing it. 
We are also doing it with our small group. Everyday you read a different chapter of the Bible. We just finished reading the book of Mark. So yesterday's chapter was Mark 16. Before reading your chapter for the day, you are supposed to pray and ask God to lead you to the specific verse you are to focus on for that chapter. After doing your reading and you have chosen your verse you then fill out your journal for the day. (There is actually a process for filling out your journal, it is kind of wordy to explain but easy to do. So if you would like me to explain further, just ask and I will.)
The exciting thing is seeing what God has revealed for us to work on. I love finding my verse and filling out my journal for the day.
I love finding what God has chosen for me, it is like finding a gift.
Last night I was so excited that I found myself journaling (made up word?) a lot.
K and I have yet to chose the same verse, I love talking with him about what God has revealed to each of us.


I mentioned coffee earlier and I thought that I would share my creepy story for the day. I was making my faux coffee (instant cappuccino- sad, this is what makes me jittery and restless!?!) and just before i added the powdered mix I looked in my mug and saw a spider. Eew! I jiggled the mug around and blew on the spider and it didn't move, therefore I assumed that meant dead. I took the mug to the sink to rinse it out and the spider didn't rinse out. Looked at the spider, rinsed repeat, nothing. Do the same thing again and at this point I am starting to get mildly annoyed until I look in the mug again and the spider is trying to climb out!!! AHHH! This time, I set the mug down in the sink, turn the water on  high and wait for the spider to be flushed out of it. I then continue to let the water run for a few more seconds until I am confident that the spider is far enough down the pipe to not climb back out again.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guess what Adison did right after school?

If you guessed eat a snack, turn on the tv, start her homework or clean her room, I regret to inform you that you would be wrong. Instead of doing any of these things, she chose to read her baby sister a book. The book of choice was, Dr. Seuss's A B C by: Dr. Seuss.

Adison was so cute, she even paused to show Abby the pictures.

She also didn't mind when Abby wanted to touch the book, such patience!

Adison was obviously enjoying herself, too! (Notice the gap in her teeth!)

Abby loved it, she sat patiently through the whole reading. Adison has the sweetest love for Abby, she genuinely enjoys her. It is so sweet to watch the relationships between my daughters.

This one I had to add, simply because this baby melts my heart and I am assuming yours too!