Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An idea and a post about today

I had a thought today to try to do a blog post a day. Well, most days at least, not counting for sickness or if we go out of town. But to really try to make this something that my kids might (probably won't) want to look back at when they are older. My thought is that it could kind of be like a digital scrape book, chronicling our lives.

Okay, now onto our post about today. Our day started off like most school/work days. Busy busy busy, hurry hurry hurry. After taking Adison to school, the little girls and I head over to our friend Jennifer's house. Jennifer and I have decided to start walking everyday to get ourselves in shape. I am ready! We figured out that today we walked a little over two miles. We burned some calories! I also had Abby on my back in the carrier so I can kiss some extra calories goodbye and good riddance!

After our walk, we took the kiddos to the park to play. They had a blast and played for about an hour. Extra brownie points for the mamas, a work out and park time. Woo hoo!

After playing we went home and had lunch which was quickly followed up by naps. Since I have a strict honesty policy, I will inform you that I took a nap as well. It only lasted for 30 minutes, but thank you Jesus! Next it was time to pick Adison up from school.

Yesterday, I had informed Adison that if she had a good day at school the next day (today) that I would take her (and the other kids) to the park to play. She had a good day, the weather was permitting and we were off to play.

As I was getting the kiddos out of the van, I noticed another van pulling up to the park. It was our friend Clara and her kids. Clara's sister in law is Jennifer who I mentioned above. So since we were both at the park we decided to call Jennifer and she and her kiddos came to play at the park too. It was a blast. Now for a few pics:

Abby, I believe that she was watching her friend swing.

Ainsley was looking at Abby.

Taking a quick break to smile for Mama.

Sisters sharing a swing.

Now we are doing dinner, baths, homework, L3 Jounal, bedtime, then K & I are watching a movie together. Date night at home!

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