Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Not much going on today.
I didn't take any pictures and don't really have any funny stories.
(Unless you count Ainsley sounding like Candace from Phineas and Ferb. If you haven't seen that show I highly recommend it. Yes it is a kids show and yes I find myself watching it without the kids.)

We are on count down for the girls' birthdays.
Ahh! I am so not ready.

We are on countdown for Halloween.
I am so ready. Girls have their costumes, we just need to decorate.
I have been looking at blogs for some ideas.
I think I want to try making a glitter pumpkin...we will see.

Adison had a great day at school today.
Woo hoo!
Ainsley has either been really sweet and cute or really ornery.
(What? Not my princess child, yes it is true.)
Abby has been kind of cranky today, I think she is teething.
I will get pics of our little vampire when the other tooth has finally popped through.

That's it for today folks, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!

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