Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Relaxing as a mom

I have been thinking about how different it is raising a baby this time around. Granted, it is never easy, but it is so much less stressful and dare I say, enjoyable than the first time. Here is an insight into my recent thoughts.

When I had Adison, I was scheduled for feeding, napping, pooping, blinking (just kidding), I was soooo scheduled. It was surreal. She was our first, K and I were having to figure this whole baby thing out on our own. Plus, she was a tough baby. She cried, A LOT, and didn't sleep much. Nursing never went well and believe me, I tried for weeks. She then had to be on soy formula and the list goes on and on and on. I remember being so uptight and nervous. Then she grew older and I remember being so tightly wound about pretty much everything.

During this time, I remember taking the time to shower everyday, blow dry my hair and style it, put on all of my make-up (if you know me, that is still a must today) and get all cute. Even if I didn't go anywhere.

Then we finally had Ainsley. I still tried to maintain a baby schedule, but it wasn't quite as easy. I watched the clock to be on top of things. But other things, just had to slide.  

I still had time/energy to shower almost everyday, the hair became a little less done, make-up was still on and the clothes...well they became a little bit more relaxed.

Finally came Abby. At this point (maybe b/c the little two are just over two years apart) all schedules went right out the window. I still kept an eye on the clock so that I could guesstimate Abby's eating/sleeping needs. But, I was so much more relaxed this time. I knew that the important things would get done, but other things just might not happen that day. My children would be well loved, feed and clean. But, the house might look like a tornado struck. Some days, I didn't do any housework, why, because some days I was just too tired/worn out/spent. Not that it wasn't a good feeling, but there is only so much to give and I daily chose/choose to give my all to my family not things.

Showering started happening every day to every other day, hair was typically air dried or up in a ponytail, make-up was done (b/c hello have you met me?), clothes- well those typically were yoga paints and a t-shirt or sweatshirt (glamorous aren't I?).

I also started noticing that I would let certain things with the kids slide. Where once I was adamant about something, now I just have to pick and choose my battles. Why, because I choose to and because I have to. I just can't do everything all the time and at once. (Shocker, I know!) 

I guess the point of all of this is to say that I find myself relaxing more and cutting some corners. I find myself enjoying my kids more and loving all of it more.

I guess that is it and on K's suggestion, the ending of this post shall be:

The end. 

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