Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Adison started 2nd grade!

My first born, Adison, started 2nd grade. She was so excited, not a drop of nervousness in her.

I for once, was not nervous. I know her teacher, the other teachers, her classmates and pretty much everyone that comes into contact with my outgoing girl.

The neat thing about my girl, is that everyone knows her. Everyone is her buddy or her favorite teacher. I like this about my girl. She always has a hug ready and a smile on her face.

Here she is greeting one of her buddies. She was so excited, this was pretty much the best day ever in her mind.

Off she goes, ready to conquer the world.

A few days into school, she hops in the van after school and tells me:
A: "I told one of my friends that I am the coolest kid in school."
Me: "Really, did they agree?"
A: "Yes they did!"
Me: "Well, there ya go."

Ainsley cried when we dropped Adison off that first day, she cried for a full 20 minutes. The people that walked by us clearly understood her reasons for crying and were very sympathetic. It was so sad, but I knew that this meant that Ains would be soooo excited to pick up her sister from that first day of school. I was right, it was awesome!

We capped off her first day by heading to Sonic for some slushes & hitting the park. What a great day!

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