Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend update

We had a fabulous weekend! We went to KC to celebrate Kirk's mom's birthday.

We got there Friday evening, ate some yummy dinner and chatted. I love those evenings :) Saturday we hung around the house, K's mom & dad took the older girls with them to a fundraiser breakfast, let me tell you, my girls ate some bacon & sausage like it was no one's business!

Abby took a nap while they were gone & I layed on the couch and read. I repeat, I layed on the couch and read! Glorious quiet time. Then Kirk did a  little photo shoot with our delightful baby, look at the bottom for those yummy pics. 

Later, while Ains was napping we watched Jurassic Park. Adison loved it, but at times was terrified. She played musical cuddle partners, jumping from adult to adult to cuddle and bury her head. Afterwards though she said it was, "Awesome!"

After the movie, we went over to my sister-in-law, Anna's house to celebrate Terrie's (mother-in-law) birthday. We had so much fun, had a wonderful dinner (think Thanksgiving in July), super yummy cake and a rice crispy treat cake for the kiddos.

Then the kiddos continued playing and playing and playing. It was bliss.

On Sunday, we hung out at K's parents house. We took the kiddos to the park, had some sundaes and capped off the weekend by watching Jurassic Park 2 (again, while Ains napped), not sure if this is the exact name or not, but you know what I mean. Again, Adison played musical adults.

Now, on to the Abby pics. She is so darling!

I know that I might be slightly biased, but she could be the cutest baby EVER!!!!


  1. Love the pictures of Abby!! She is a cutie and looks like her sisters. :)

  2. She could if I didn't have Kailyn and Eddie....but third isn't bad! ;-)

  3. She could if I didn't have Kailyn and Eddie....but third isn't bad! ;-)