Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feeling restless

I am feeling restless today.
I feel like I want to go running, shopping, decorate the house, tackle all the laundry. I want to do everything. This feeling of restless is tempered by feeling sick still.
I want to sleep, rest, lay down and watch a movie.
I don't like this feeling, it's almost like being antsy.
Ugh, shake it off.

(I just figured out that this feeling is probably from my fake coffee, as K likes to call it. I can drink pop and not feel it at all, but give me some coffee and I feel ill!)
I am L-O-V-I-N-G my L3 journal. I have mentioned it a couple of times before but I thought that today I would talk about what it actually is.
Our entire church (Fellowship Bible Church) is doing it. 
We are also doing it with our small group. Everyday you read a different chapter of the Bible. We just finished reading the book of Mark. So yesterday's chapter was Mark 16. Before reading your chapter for the day, you are supposed to pray and ask God to lead you to the specific verse you are to focus on for that chapter. After doing your reading and you have chosen your verse you then fill out your journal for the day. (There is actually a process for filling out your journal, it is kind of wordy to explain but easy to do. So if you would like me to explain further, just ask and I will.)
The exciting thing is seeing what God has revealed for us to work on. I love finding my verse and filling out my journal for the day.
I love finding what God has chosen for me, it is like finding a gift.
Last night I was so excited that I found myself journaling (made up word?) a lot.
K and I have yet to chose the same verse, I love talking with him about what God has revealed to each of us.


I mentioned coffee earlier and I thought that I would share my creepy story for the day. I was making my faux coffee (instant cappuccino- sad, this is what makes me jittery and restless!?!) and just before i added the powdered mix I looked in my mug and saw a spider. Eew! I jiggled the mug around and blew on the spider and it didn't move, therefore I assumed that meant dead. I took the mug to the sink to rinse it out and the spider didn't rinse out. Looked at the spider, rinsed repeat, nothing. Do the same thing again and at this point I am starting to get mildly annoyed until I look in the mug again and the spider is trying to climb out!!! AHHH! This time, I set the mug down in the sink, turn the water on  high and wait for the spider to be flushed out of it. I then continue to let the water run for a few more seconds until I am confident that the spider is far enough down the pipe to not climb back out again.

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