Thursday, September 30, 2010

I didn't do a post yesterday

I remembered about two seconds after my head hit the pillow.
I thought about getting up but I just couldn't.
I hope that you understand.
Sometimes sleep just has to win.

We had an amazing day yesterday.
My friends Jennifer, Clara and I all went for our morning walk.
We had a wonderful time and let the kids play at the playground afterwards.
Then Clara and I met up at another park after picking up our kiddos from school.

Last night we had our friends Sarah and Erik over for small group.
I loved it.
Plain and simple.
It was wonderful to immerse ourselves in the Word, to talk about God and what He is doing in our lives.
We also talked a lot about our L3 journal.
I am still loving it.
We are not working on the book of Acts.
So completely moving and convicting.

This morning Clara and I went on a walk.
Jennifer's baby, Eddie, was sick and couldn't join us.
Feel better soon Eddie!

I opened a Twitter account.
I have no idea why, I was just curious.
We will see if I stick with it.

Tomorrow my mom is coming in town!
I simply cannot wait.
I miss her a lot.

Adison is having a little sleep over tomorrow night and her birthday party on Saturday.
My baby is turning
(Her birthday isn't until next weekend though.)

Good night all, you will be hearing from me on the flip side.

Ainsley the robot.

Ainsley showing me her hat.

Ainsley when I asked her to smile.
She it the queen of making funny faces.

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