Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday at...

Every year we take the kids up to Party America to look at their Halloween decorations.
We also go to play with their Halloween masks.
This time we picked up some party supplies for Adison's birthday party!

K looking pretty scary.

Ains looking a bit terrifying.

K looking silly. (He ended up buying this one.)

Poor Abby had no idea what to think.

Another really creepy mask.

Adison the astronaut!

Ainsley the policewoman?

While there we met up with some friends.

Since today was the first day of cool weather I decided to take some pics of the girls wearing jeans.
Really though I took pics because I thought they all looked so darn cute!

(Yes, I asked Ains to stand on the chair and she sat down right after I took the picture.)

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